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A worker-owned firm seems like an interesting yet odd concept to me. All I have ever known are traditional hierarchy type jobs of which I have always been on the bottom. I do not even know of any local businesses that are worker-owned firms. There may be a few but I do not know of them. It seems like people who, like me, have always at the bottom of the pyramid at work might find a worker-owned firm to be a very nice change.
Worker-owned firms seem like they would have a lot of advantages. One advantage is that all employees are already empowered from the start. There is no need to try to find some other and most likely less effective way to empower employees such as just giving them a ...view middle of the document...

In a firm with a traditional hierarchy, often the person at the top of the pyramid does not know how things are like for people at the bottom even though they make decisions for the people on the bottom. In a worker-owned firm it is probably not like that which would be a large advantage.
However there is no such thing as a perfect system for all situations and even worker-owned firms have their disadvantages. One possible disadvantage is that, since there is no clear chain of command, someone might not know who the right person to talk to about what problems they might be having, especially if that problem is another employee. Also, it is often easier and less time consuming for one person to make a decision. While worker-owned firms give employees the power to make some decisions on their own, bigger decisions, like firing someone or changing company policy, need to be made as a group by either everyone or a committee which could be much more time consuming than if it were left up to one person. There are risks involved when giving someone power in a firm. One risk is that an employee might abuse their privileges. Another is that an employee could make a decision that would hurt or reflect poorly on the company. One major issue that I have with worker-owned companies is that it seems like it would put people like myself at a disadvantage. Since I am a shy introvert I do not enjoy networking. It is hard enough to get in the good graces of one person. In a worker-owned firm I doubt I would fair as well since it is hard for me to talk to a lot of people.
I do not know much about how a worker-owned firm would operate. I do not really know how a pay scale would work or how to motivate...

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