Troubles In Northern Ireland From The Battle Of Boyne To The Good Friday Agreement

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Troubles in Northern Ireland from the Battle of Boyne to the Good Friday Agreement

I am going to write about the troubles in Northern Ireland from the
Battle of the Boyne to the Good Friday agreement. I am going to study
the main causes of the troubles in Northern Ireland and how they
started and why they have had such a big impact on the way Northern
Ireland has been shaped because of this. The main troubles in Northern
Ireland have been caused by the way the Catholics and the Protestants
have been fighting each other and how they can’t agree on the way
Northern Ireland should be split and how Northern Ireland should be
ran. I am going to study three main events in Northern Ireland’s
history. They are, the Battle of the Boyne, the Easter rising and
bloody Sunday.

The siege of Londonderry occurred in 1688 and finally ended in 1690
with the battle of the Boyne. The causes of this war were that James
the 2nd tried to use catholic help to win back the throne from William
of Orange. James attacked Londonderry and was held back by the
apprentice boys of the city in July 1968. This gave William enough
time to gather his troops and attack James at Londonderry in 1689.
William of Orange defeated James in the Battle of the Boyne.

The consequences of this war were that the Protestants became the
ultimate force in Ireland and in this they began to own most of the
land in Ireland. However the treaty of limerick was very kind on the
Catholics as they were able to take 15,00 troops home, Catholics in
Ireland could keep their land if they promised to be loyal to William
and there was no extra limits on the Catholics freedom to worship.
This was very kind on the Catholics and the Protestants wanted harsher
laws against them as they felt they needed to cement their dominance
in Ireland for years to come. The Penal Laws were very harsh on the
Catholics as this practically gave away their freedom to do anything.
This restricted Catholics rights to own property, education, and
weapons and work in law or government. This was the turning point in
the power in Ireland as this was meant most of the land over the next
100 years was given to Protestants and Catholics land fell
dramatically over this period of time.

The long term consequences of this were the Orange Order being set up
to celebrate the victory over the Catholics with marches ever year.
The Orange Order where set up over 100 years after the Battle of the
Boyne to pay respect for the apprentice boys and celebrated the effort
made by the apprentice boys during the siege on Londonderry. This
caused violence between the Catholics and the Protestants as they
orange order march in Catholic places and this caused a lot of
violence between the apprentice boys and the Catholics.

The Irish Republican Brotherhood caused the Easter rising in...

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