Disruptive Behavior In A Physical Education Setting

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In an educational setting disruptive behavior can have a negative effect on students, teachers, and other school faculty members. There have been many studies regarding how children behave in a school setting and how positive changes can be made (Sulzer-Azaroff et al. 1988). A study completed by White and Bailey (1990) addressed how to reduce disruptive behavior of students in a physical education setting. The study used a modified time-out procedure called sit and watch. When the procedure was implemented in two physical education classes, one alternative classroom and one regular classroom, there was a decrease in disruptive behavior. Along with the procedure, there was also a behavioral checklist, for the alternative classroom, and back-up procedures for the regular classroom.
Although the procedure showed that sit and watch was an effective procedure, there may be other reasons for the change. The study by White and Bailey (1990) also discussed that because there were other procedures implemented, besides sit and watch, the procedure alone could not account for the decrease in disruptive behavior and suggested that other studies would need to be performed to verify the results. The back-up procedure in the White and Bailey study (1990) consisted of the students losing either their computer time or losing their free play period for that day or more. Unfortunately, when the study was being performed the teacher decided to use these other procedures, which made it difficult for the authors of the study to clearly state that sit and watch is effective when it is not combined with other procedures.
In the current study, instead of using sit and watch to decrease disruptive behavior in a physical education classroom, I will be using sit and watch in an academic classroom to decrease disruptive behavior without the use of the other procedures done in the past study.

Participants and Setting:
The study will consist of participants in an elementary school located in Dallas, Texas. The participants would attend fourth grade in an elementary school and consists of 20 students, 12 boys and 8 girls in a regular education class. The participants’ parents have given informed consent and have agreed to allow their children to participate in the study.
The setting for the study will be in a regular education classroom. There will be one female teacher, who has recently stated with the school and has never met the students in the classroom and one male teaching assistant in the regular education classroom. The classes schedule is daily, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm with lunch from 12:00pm to 12:30 pm, and a recess from 2:00pm to 2:30pm.
Dependent Variable
Similar to study by White and Bailey (1990) there will be three categories when observations are performed to define disruptive behavior: (1) Noncompliance, which is when a student does not follow directions given by the teacher or teacher’s...

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