Troublesome Farmhouse Essay

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Louis felt his kneecaps almost shatter, as he landed on the rock ledge. His legs totally collapsed from fatigue, as he took the two-metre drop. Lee tumbled after him and helped him up.Louis had been running faster than ever before. It might have been because there was no way of seeing where he put his feet and had no choice but to the unexpected jumps that appeared in front of him, or the fear that the storm behind them would make their barely covered bodies freeze.Louis and Lee had been rock climbing on the Tafelberg Spout and did not judge correctly the time it would take them to get up and down this challenging monolith. They both knew there was bad weather on the way, but the weather forecast predicted it would only arrive that Sunday night. They planned to climb up to the top on Saturday, spend the night there and abseil back down, before the storm started on Sunday night.Obviously nature was not on their side this time, as they found themselves hurtling down the foot of mountain with almost no light, on the Sunday night. Fortunately they spotted a farmhouse's lights in the distance and knew they could get a place to sleep for the night, but had to hurry before the storm closed in on them.The blood trickled through Louis's fingers as he held his knees and screamed in pain. To see how badly Louis was injured, Lee took a box of matches out of his pocket and lit them all at once. The rocks around them danced with yellow and orange light that emitted from Lee's blistered hand.Louis's injuries were mild, compared to what lay in front of them. Striking that box of matches actually saved their lives, as they found themselves a metre from the edge of a twenty-metre cliff. Once they had gathered themselves they made their way, more carefully, down to the farmhouse.The farmhouse was a very old double-story with pillars on either side of the front door, which, among many other things, Seriously needed some attention. The thick cedar wood door made a hollow thumping sound when Lee knocked on it. They stood there breathless, for what seemed like hours, until a man answered the door. They heard five different latches being unlatched, before a man with a pale face opened it. He was wearing an old robe that blended in with the lines on his unwelcoming face, that almost touched the floor when he spoke. He spoke slowly, with a deep eerie voice that echoed through the frighteningly silent house.He told them to follow him as they walked towards a flight of stairs at the end of the dark passage. As he walked he told them that the generator broke so there was no electricity to use to make light. They went up the old wooden stairs to the "guest" room. Every door in the house was closed. He also told them not to go into any of the rooms in the passage. It was a small room with only two minute beds with mattresses harder than the ledge Louis fell onto. One of the beds was next to the a little window that over looked the front porch. The strange man said good night...

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