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Troye Sivan Coming Out Video Analysis

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“Hey, what’s up you guys it’s Troye Sivan” (Troye Sivan) That is how Troye starts off every video he makes, but the next sentence makes this video all different from the others. “‘This is probably the most nervous I’ve ever been in my entire life, but I’m going to deal with it,’” (Business Insider). Troye Sivan is an 18 year old Australian actor and YouTube. Recently he had made a video entitled “Coming Out”. Since Troye is in the public eye, he took a risk coming out of the closet so publicly. Even though the YouTube Community can be extremely positive there is a whole load of hate out there. Troye had to overcome any hate that was thrown his way from his subscribers or just from some viewers.
Troye has quite the fan base on YouTube, with over 1,500,000
subscribers. YouTube is an extremely large community with over 1 billion unique users visiting the site each month, it was a risk putting himself out there. His coming out video has over 2.5 million views currently. Troye has also been in several movies such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the Spud series. He also sings he writes and covers songs on his YouTube channel self-entitled Troye Sivan. He hit 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel about 3 months ago and has gained about 500,000 since then.
Troye had to face a lot of the hate thrown his way after he came out. Some of it he can just brush off and some he can’t. Scrolling through the comments on his “Coming Out” Video there are a variety of love and hate comments. It is so great to have as much support that he does coming out to the public like that, but the hate traveled along. According to the Huffington Post “Sivan said he hoped his video would provide hope for other gay and bisexual people, just the way he found comfort in YouTube confessions made by others when he was younger.” (Huffington Post). Troye could not have come out without the videos put out by other YouTubers about coming out. "’Those people on YouTube, those brave, brave people on YouTube, without them, I don't really know where I'd be,’ he said.” (Huffington Post). This shows how supportive the YouTube Community can be. Helping LGBT teens have an escape. They look up to Troye for doing what he did and overcoming the judgemental and hateful comments directed to him and his recent outing of his sexuality.
The hate thrown on Troye for being gay has significantly lessened
since the video first came...

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