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The problem presented to the city of Centervale is an increase in juvenile delinquency and status offenses; as a result of community complaints it is understood that there is a general sentiment that has been adopted of which would suggest that children in this area are out of control. It is recognized that Centervale has already employed various types of juvenile delinquency remedy approaches through a juvenile court, a diversion program, community corrections, and probation for some time. It is suggested that while these programs will prove advantageous in their own ways, it is necessary to also apply a juvenile prevention program/initiative. It is a concern that juvenile prevention programs without rehabilitative programs will result in being less useful than if they are combined; the same is true for the presence of rehabilitative programs without having also established a prevention program.

While the three primary concerns as they are annotated by the Mayor are larceny or theft, truancy, and underage drinking, each of these issues should employ their own individualized program initiatives. The purpose of this initiative however will be to address the issue of truancy in the town of Centervale. Truancy, while it might appear on the surface to be the least important issue listed in the concerns of the Mayor, is in fact one of the primary issues that should be addressed. It can be argued that students that are not in school when they are supposed to be are out in the community breaking laws and participating in behaviors that are otherwise unacceptable; in this case, being truant from school would open up opportunities to participate in underage drinking, theft, larceny, and other delinquent types of behaviors. The target population for this initiative will be the community as a collective whole. It is imperative that the community cooperate and come together to help resolve issues and with the cooperation of the community and the members within it, truancy will likely be an easier issue to resolve than people might think.
Truancy is not being in school when a child is supposed to be which means that they are not learning and progressing. While not learning and progressing on an individual level is bad, this also effects the overall success of the school as report cards of consistently truant students reflect the schools ability to teach. Schools with poor records will negatively affect the status of the entire community therefore increasing the need for the target population, the community, to become active participants in this initiative. While Centervale is struggling with issues regarding truancy, we are not alone; statistical data suggests that “two-thirds of male juveniles arrested while truant tested positive for drug use; nearly 1 in ten 15 year olds were truant at least once a week; more than 71% of 13 to 16 year-olds prosecuted for criminal violations had been truant, and the list continues” (Advantage Press, n.d.). Now that it...

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