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Humans are defined in many ways. What we value often defines how we think about ourselves, how we think about other people, and how we think about the world. Anne Lamott, a famous American writer, values the lessons that she learned from her father about writing. The lessons that she learned from her father ultimately influenced her idea of what a true writer is. For examples, she learned that great writers are great readers. She explains that her father taught that great writers should read poetry, plays, and great book from great authors. Great writers are not more profound than others but they do read more. For her, books were her refuge.
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Anne Lamott had a problem with other kids because they make fun to her and they hate her, and all of these makes her to pay attention to her feelings. Being alone, reading, and using the situation from her childhood made her more creative in writing than her peers. Anne Lamott suspected that her father was a person who was completely different from his peers, who had serious conversations with adults, and who accepted being alone. Moreover, she mentioned that she had a conflict inside herself that made her creative and spiritual and that reading was her refuge. I think that Anne lamott was a good writer because she read often and spent a lot of time alone.
Anne thought that her father taught her to be creative girl because he taught her how to read and how to spend her time with luxuries books. Her father tried to teach her that books are her refuge from other people in this world. She knows that she could be a writer because kids make fun of her. Anne explained that her father taught her to read great books and plays.
Anne lamott explained that the children asked her father to write about their stories then she had the same as her father all children asked her to write about their stories even if there are exaggerate on their stories. Anne thought that her father captured all of important events of his friend’s life because they depended on him to capture the events or small stories from the daily life to make it in wonderful stories. All of his friends looked to him as good writer because he can explained what was going on by just words and these words can make big different.
Many scholars insist that writers and artists share similar characteristics. Some people even say that writers are artists. Although writers and artists do share some characteristics, they are also different in significant ways. In what “what does it take to be a successful artist?” , the writer identifies what characteristics make a successful artist.
Like writers, artists are defined in many ways. How people define artists and how artists define themselves depends on what characteristics make a true artist. One characteristic that defines a true artist is passion. one example of passion is related to how Ralph Fasanella understands and paints about the millworkers strike in Massachusetts. In 1912 , a millworkers strike occurred in Massachusetts. Fansanella decided that he needed to travel there to see the town and live the life of the workers. After he arrived, he went to a cheap hotel and began spending evenings in the local libraries, visiting museums, and examining the mill machinery. he began to paint about strike and people's lives. He devoted 12 to 14 hours each day to his paintings. after spending three years with the new community, he finished a series of paintings that represent the problems of the strike and the millworkers. By doing this, he showed true passion for workers.

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