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True Character In Gabriel Garcia Marquez´ A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings: A Tale For Children

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In the short story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings: A tale for Children” the author Gabriel Márquez initially describes a very sad setting, one filled with gloom and heavy symbolism. Throughout the story, Márquez shows people’s inability to look past the cover of a book, and into one’s true character. In my opinion, the short story “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” is filled with corruption as evidenced by the gloomy setting and infiltration of crabs, mistreatment of an angel, and inability to get past one’s own religious ignorance.
Márquez’s story describes the underprivileged life of Pelayo, his wife Elisenda, and their newborn sick child. Pelayo and Elisenda made a living by ...view middle of the document...

The bad aura left by the dead crabs is so thick that Pelayo had to throw dozens of them into the sea. The crabs represents a symbol of disease and illness (Márquez 365).
Furthermore, the society’s corruption is evident when they try to torture the “angel” in an attempt to get a reaction out of him. The crowd aroused him by “burn[ing] his side with an iron for branding steers, for he had been motionless for so many hours that they thought he was dead.” This shows that many people are nonjudgmental about the feelings of others, and look to satisfy their own greed. An angel is looked upon in the bible, but people in society treated the old man with large wings, though to be an angel, as an outcast; he was treated as a homeless man. Elisenda, put the “angel” in a chicken coop, and charged people admission to see him. This is considered to be deceitful and dishonest because the bile would condemn such action. Even worse, the old man with wings could feel the immense pain as the hens were pecking at him, and is feeling a greater emotional pain when people threw rocks at him to get a better view of him. The old man was held as a prisoner feeling...

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