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Love and psychology go together like peanut butter and jelly, It’s Identifying a person’s unique characteristic that can be a difficult endeavor; however, through psychology it can make sense of what otherwise might be a daunting task. There are two women with similar pasts, and their story leads us into a splendid comedy driven romance. Olivia has a vow to forget about men. Viola is in love with the man who loves Olivia. It sounds like the perfect recipe for a controversial talk show, but it is not. This is a play by William Shakespeare entitled Twelfth Night. Olivia and Viola will be our subjects of focus. These two women raise questions about their psyche, and I intend to investigate. Viola is subtle, collective, and sincere, whereas Olivia is blatant, persistent, and shrewd. I will begin to look at the two people from a psychological perspective and paint a color portrait of each woman’s profile.
Olivia was as the captain described “A virtuous maid, the daughter of a count that died some twelvemonth since; then leaving her in the protection of his son, her brother, who shortly also died: for whose dear love, they say, she hath abjured the company and sight of men (Shakespeare 3). Right from the start Olivia was indifferent to men, however, as time progresses we will see a change of heart. Orsino’s love crazed behavior continues, and Olivia is pushed away even further. The other patient is Viola, disguised as Cesario. Her information will establish plot development. The duke decides to send Cesario as his personal correspondence to Lady Olivia. It so happens that very quickly Olivia falls head over heels for Viola’s character. This brings me to a profiling of her character. Dr. Taylor Hartman’s People Code is what I will use for Olivia’s profile. There are four personality colors based on an individual’s natural born motivation in life. The Blue or (do-gooder), White (peacekeeper), Red (power wielders), and Yellow (fun lovers). After having studied detailed descriptions on each color, I determined that Olivia is a Yellow. I consider this because in general she lacks a respect for boundaries, is self-centered, optimistic, and impulsive. Only the second meeting with Viola yielded great impulsiveness as Olivia threw herself at Cesario by saying “Cesario, by the roses of the spring, by maid hood, honor, truth, and everything, I love thee so, that maugre all thy pride, nor wit nor reason can my passion hide” (Shakespeare 38). Olivia’s self-centered nature was exemplified in the incident when the Fool had a question and she responded with, “Well, sir, for want of other idleness, I’ll bide your proof” (Shakespeare 11), blowing him off because of his unimportance. Upon hearing Orsino’s proclamation of love near the end of the story, Olivia replies to him “If it be aught to the old tune, my lord, It is as fat and fulsome to mine ears as howling after music”, (Shakespeare 63) and this portrays her lack of regard for boundaries. Olivia came to a...

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