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True Dimensionality Of Space Time Essay

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Allan Poe states in his essay on cosmology titled Eureka, that “space and duration are one.” To many, this is portrayed as the first known instance of suggesting space and time to be joined together as one thing. Albert Einstein's 1905 theory of special relativity is the very beginning of a theory related concept of spacetime, but the first mathematical theory of spacetime actually created by one of his own early teachers named Hermann Minkowski. He created the concept of “Minkowski Space” which is the earliest recommendation to the treatment of space and time as two separate entities of one unified whole. The idea of Minkowski space has led up to special relativity being viewed more so in ...view middle of the document...

However, although physics states that time is just a dimension like all others, it does not seem possible to successfully navigate our present, past, future experience. An interesting concept related to the theory of general relativity, called the equivalence principle, states that gravity working in one direction is equivalent to acceleration in the equal and opposite direction. This means the principle allows gravity to affect measurements of time and space, literally warping space-time itself.
Considering the world we live in consists of four dimensions, it is not at all easy to understand what it means that space-time as we call it can have some weird properties. Tying everything together, when someone moves through one of the space dimensions they also travel, unknowingly, through time also. To them, nothing happens at all, but someone observing would witness them travelling through the bounds of time. In fact, constantly we move through time, but when traveling through space, traveling through time seems less than expected. The first dimension can be speculated as a simple line or an interval between two points through a distance. The second dimension can be described as a square being dragged along an interval. The third dimension is the formation of a cube by dragging a square into itself forming a solid object. There is also a theory for a fourth dimension without the need for time. In an equally mechanical way its possible to repeat each step above, forming something called a tesseract. To form a tesseract, a cube needs to be dragged a distance in the fourth dimension. Although its nearly impossible to imagine what this looks like, its theorized to look like two cubes tied together as one from each vertice.
Now that a basic understanding the dimensional universe has been achieved, it seems appropriate to take a look into the pertinence of space and time in cosmological concepts researched actively. Within general relativity, the dimension of time has began at the theory of the Big Bang. This raises the important question of what came before the Big Bang. If one were to believe that, then in most cases the conversation is over. However this can’t possibly be a well thought out response to such an in depth question. The universe as we know it was extremely dense and hot as the farther reaches of time are achieved. At the time of the Big Bang things were jammed together so densely that the use of quantum mechanics are needed to explain it. It is believed that time and space are closely connected. As we know our knowledge of time says that turning a clock back to before the Big Bang is nearly impossible. Therefore our concepts of time does not extend beyond the fixed point of the Big Bang. Confusion about the universe’s shape is also an applied method of space-time. A common case of causing further confusion is comparing the fabric of space-time to the surface of a balloon, which leads to the assumption that we, the observer, are at the...

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