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If you were to ask one hundred people, what they think ethics is you would receive a hundred different responses. Ethics encompasses many different parts of a person personality and upbringing. Each person can interpret a giving ideal many different ways. Place that same person in a different culture and after awhile you may see that person interpretation of that ideal change. Ethics although based on solid foundations in a person's life are dynamic and can change with time, education, and even a change of environment.Many people believe that the terms morals, values and ethics are used interchangeably. However, to take the literal meaning of them all you would find that their differences outweigh the similarities. Morals are the solid foundations for a person's behavior, although morals are used to develop ethics, morals are solidified as a person matures, ethics however, can changes as a person matures. Beliefs are those ideals that a person carries with them, and hold to be true in their minds, regardless of what other people may say. Ethics can involve beliefs but, ethics has more of a stable foundation, they can be changed but this change is over a course of many years, beliefs on the other hand can be changed in a matter of minutes to hours or days, depending on the person's maturity, and the belief itself. For a person to have morals and beliefs, a person must have a system of values, or things and ideals that they hold steadfastly close to their soul. These values are usually the product of their upbringing, training, and culture. Ethics are based on person's values and play vitals roles in the development of a person ethical make-up. Morals, beliefs, and values are all things a person uses to develop their own ethical make-up. Each one of these is closely related to the other and together comprises a person's ethical system of decision-making.Personally, my ethics are deeply seeded to my job. I am active duty military; in addition, I am also in the medical field. Both of these professions have given me a solid ethical background. First, a sailor, my rank gives me authority over the people below me. It does not give me the direction for my subordinates nor does it tell me how to lead them, it just says you will lead them and accomplish the goal set before us. My training and my ethics give me the foundation to lead these men and women to reach a common goal. Second, I work in a Cardiac Cath Lab; here I work with a cardiologist to fix hearts. This is not a broken leg or a simple scratch but an invasive procedure to repair people coronary arteries. To do this a person must have Integrity, and a professional attitude. People can sense when your not at your peek, having an off day; for you this is just that an off day, but for the person on the table it can mean the worst experience of their life. In addition, you need to be able to admit if an error has occurred, or comfort a patient who you know will die shortly. This takes a combination of...

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