True Grit Possessed By People Of All Ages

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Who knew that someone at just 12 years of age would be the definition of true grit. "Grit is knowing who you are and where you are headed, moving determinedly forward with eyes fixed on the mark, rather than the obstacles that lie in wait."-Christine Bisch. Regino V. Soto, lost his mother and father at this young age, he then took off into the wilderness on his own, lost and confused. Eventually he made up his mind to forge ahead.He didn't have enough money for many things in life, as he was working for pennies, prior.  It took a toll on him a few years later when he started his family and he couldn't afford simple things like medicine to save his baby daughter's life.   My grandfather was ...view middle of the document...

  Tom Chaney didn't stop there, Mattie explains that, " Chaney took my father's purse from his warm body and ripped open the trouser band and took the gold pieces too."  In the eyes of many, he is now a coward. This situation has affected his character greatly and has qualified him as a coward. He has revealed that he doesn't have any determination or persistence, they are both clear examples of his deficiency of grit, in True Grit.
Rooster Cogburn is a man who really fights his battles. ,he loses his eye in the fight at Lone Jack in Kansas City but this doesn't restrain him in battles. Rooster is caught in this fight alone but doesn't let that scare him away " …taken the reins in my teeth and rode right at the boys firing them two navy sixes I carry on my saddle" (145). This incident happens again at the end of the story when he is trying to get Tom Chaney. He is caught by himself with the 3 bandits and pulls this same stunt. Typically, someone would lose the battle, but he won because he got him. At this point in the novel, Mattie has been trapped in a pit with a corpse, rattle snakes and bats. It is described that Rooster is bleeding from his battle and he makes the decision to save Mattie's life. She is eventually pulled out of the hole and Rooster rushes to get her medical attention. On the way, the horse they were riding is suffering from exhausting and Rooster makes the decision to take Blackie out of her misery, "Rooster took his dirk knife and cut a brutal slash on the pony's withers…. Blackie fell to the ground and died" (216). He still continues, he runs with Mattie on his back to get her to medical help. He saved her life despite the barriers he faced, she tells him "They tell me you are a man of true grit" (59), that is true.
As you can guess, Mattie Ross isn't your average 14 year old girl. She has set her mind to get Tom Chaney, she didn't care what people or obstacles came up, they didn't phase her. She was persistent in going along with Cogburn and Labeouf, even though they told her they didn't want her along, she was set on helping them find Chaney....

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