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Although our children idolize media and sports figures today, and may classify them as heroes, it is truly the parents, family members, teachers, friends, and other adult influences that are the true heroes in the lives of children. Adults need to realize the impact they have on the lives, and minds, and behaviors of their children, and start giving them positivity, and admirable qualities, and actions to reflect.
Whether or not adults can see it, they are the major influences in the lives of children. Although children do look up to media and sports figures, it is those that have direct interaction, and time spent with those they love and look up to on a daily basis ...view middle of the document...

The rise in sports figures, actors and other media figures being viewed as heroes happened in the seventies and eighties. Political and military figures had let the public down with the less successful United States participation in the Vietnam war, and the political scandals that had tainted these public figures, “From that perspective, the decline of the heroic seems obvious, and it would not be difficult to repeat the standard story as it was told and retold in the 1970s and to give it the status of historical truth. Nor would it be entirely misleading to do so, for the proliferation of celebrity status was only one of a variety of social and cultural factors that made heroism of the traditional variety improbable. Among these were urban disorder, Johnson’s credibility gap, Watergate, the feminist movement, a traumatic and failed war in Vietnam, a burgeoning culture of celebrity, and a wide-spread crisis of authority, the latter a complex phenomenon with multiple sources, including the 1960s counterculture, the New Left, anxiety over ‘permissiveness,’ and what was perceived as a climate of ‘decadence and immorality.’10 Parents, teachers, police, priests, politicians, generals, regular soldiers, business leaders, God, the state, and men—all these and others were found lacking.” (Graebner, 2013) It is no wonder why children, and even adults turned to other positive images in sports and media. Although appearances off screen, and off the field, court, ice, etc may not have been those of a hero, the great achievements of athletes and the characters actors played on screen gave the American people something to be proud of, as they had lost faith in their government and military.

Today we have much more positive influences in the home. Women have made quite a name for themselves and throughout their struggle for equality, which sometimes is still seen in some aspects, have been able to rise above, and better themselves in ways that were once unimaginable. Today, our youth is beginning to see that the heroes are standing right before their eyes. Mothers that are going back to school to better themselves, and working to get a better job to...

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