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True Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is a romantic love story about a young lad named Romeo who has fallen in love with Lady Juliet, but is unable to marry her because of a long-lasting family feud. The play ends in the death of both these characters and the reunion of the friendship between the families. Romeo is in love with Juliet, and this is a true, passionate love (unlike the love Paris has for her or the love Romeo had for Rosaline) that nothing can overcome, not even the hatred between their two families that is the reason for the death of their two children. Throughout the play, Shakespeare thoroughly explores the themes of both true love and false love and hatred. Without either of these themes, the play would loose its romantic touch and probably would not be as famous as it is today.
True love is blind, and so is the love shared by Romeo and Juliet. The love they shared was true, as it blinded them both of the consequences of death. Romeo drinks poison when he finds Juliet dead, thinking he will enter the afterlife and be with her. When Juliet wakes up from her sleep, the first thing she does is ask where Romeo is. “Oh comfortable friar, where is my lord? ... Where is my Romeo?” Then, she does not think twice before stabbing herself with a dagger when she finds out about the death of Romeo. This shows that they were both blinded by love and did not realise that in killing themselves, they would no longer be alive. This beyond doubt demonstrates that the love shared by Romeo and Juliet was true, and could not be overcome by anything, not even death. Romeo and Juliet were also blinded on another occasion. The occasion of their marriage. They marry each other, knowing about the hatred between their families and that it would not be possible to announce this marriage to anyone. This does not stop them or make them have second thoughts about their marriage. This demonstrates that the love they share cannot be overcome by the hatred between their families. Without the theme of true love in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo would never have married Juliet and they would have never died to be together.
Young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts but in their eyes. This is quoted from something Friar Lawrence says when he first hears about Romeos plans to marry Juliet. He is saying that Romeo either did not truly love Rosaline or does not truly love...

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