True Marijuana Essay

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Teacher's work sheetName: Treavon HawkerSubject:Principle of BusinessYear/Term:







9 (Nine)
10 (ten)
11 (eleven)

-Nature of business

Terms associated with the nature of business
Reasons for estb. a business
Forms of business
Types of economies
Trading instruments

Definition of all associated terms
The advantages of estb. a business
Definition, ...view middle of the document...

Being able to point out instrument of trade, their advantages and in which economy they are used.

Note taking. Students will also be given a few minutes to read over the note taken so as to seek any clarification they might need

HW- students will have to identify the disadvantages and advantages of each economic and point out Caribbean countries that uses one or more of each economic system countries that uses each of the economic system.

Establishing a business

Reasons for stating a business

Understanding the definition, concept and role of the entrepreneur.
Definition, types and qualities of a leader
Advantages of owning a business
NB. Students will also be brief on the production, marketing and other aspects of effective business management.

Note taking.
Explanation will be done in the following class. Students will be advise to read their notes

An examination will be set to evaluate on this subtopic. This exam will also be an directly linked with the grade 9 and 10 course work.
Exam will be set after discussion

Rule and regulations for operating a business

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