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True Or False: Corrective Justice Is The Most Important Form Of Justice

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Essentially, “justice is the quality of being impartial, fair, and just” (Pollsky, 2012, p.53). Furthermore, the act of being just is derived from the latin word “jus” which translates to matters involving laws or rules (Pollsky, 2012, p.53). There are three types of justice and they each differ in matters of circumstance: firstly, distributive justice attempts to provide equality for each individual; corrective justice attempts to reverse an unfair advantage, provide a remedy to the problem, and show equality within the population; lastly, reciprocal justice provides the notion of equality amongst freely exchanged goods amongst individuals.
According to Aristotle, distributive justice incorporates the allocation of resources amongst society(Aristotle, trans W.d Ross, 1994). These resources can include education, profession, honor, status, money, or property (Pollsky, 2012, p. 54). There are a variety of theories that describe various methods of carrying out distributive justice including ideas of need, merit, and entitlement. These ideas work in order to bring the goal of justice which is equality and fairness within society. However, the reason that this is not the most important form of justice is that it is too narrow in scope.
A quick look in history can provide many examples of unfair and unjust treatment with distributive ideals. Even today, in our own country, we can see many perceived flaws with this type of justice. Occupy Wall Street started as a protest movement that sought to provide equality in pay for all citizens not just those fortunate enough to be born or rose to the one-percent. The common adage that is used very frequently is “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. This very well could be perceived as unfair as those that are born into wealth seem to have to easier to become wealthier based on their status. This could be thought of as unjust as someone who is not well off has completely different struggles than those that are well off. Thus, if the goal of justice is create a fair, impartial, and just society where everyone has the same chance to succeed, then the distributive form of justice stands as a mecca of dissent with hopes of only altering the status quo so that there is uniform sense of fairness. To create an overwhelming sense of fairness with distributive justice is a treacherous, icy, uphill battle as there are many dissenters who believe CEO’s, lawyers, and doctors are overpaid and that minimum wage should be $15.00 an hour. There is always someone who is going feel that they never got a fair shake.
The word “fair” can be a very ambiguous term. In any situation, one person may feel that the outcome was totally just and fair while the other may complain that they were slighted or a bias existed. A fair situation is fair until it is not anymore. In this day and age, fairness and unfairness, I believe, straddle a very legal oriented line. If you lose your job, you can collect unemployment until you find...

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