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The Hollywood movie Troy is a great action drama, but the historic accuracy could be questioned. This essay will assess how much of Troy and its source is factual. It will be suggested that Troy and the Iliad was part legend and part historical. This essay will examine the source of Troy, the Iliad and the facts behind the story. A variety of evidence from archaeologists will be presented to support this essay. To begin, this essay will examine the story of Troy and the Iliad.

In the movie Troy and in its source, the Iliad written and portrayed by homer, there are three powerful states, Troy Greece and Sparta. The story begins with the Prince of Troy, Paris seducing the Queen of Sparta, Helena, and the King of Sparta, Menelous becomes enraged, so he asks his brother, the King of Greece, Agememnon to help him. The Agememnon sees this as an opportunity to control Troy and obliges. They gather their allies and send thousands of fleets to Troy. The Trojan War in the movie lasts several weeks in the movie and a decade in the book. The Trojans are defeated when the Greeks send a horse filled with men and Troy accepts it in its gates, and the Greeks successfully invade Troy, burning it down in flames. The story of the Iliad takes place in 1194 B.C – 1184 B.C and was written in 760B.C – 710B.C.

The Troy of which all of this was based on, did exist. It is located in the northwestern corner of Turkey, and was excavated by an archaeologist named Heinrich Scliemann in 1868. Troy is separated into 9 layers, with each one going further back in time, and layer 7 is the one depicted in the movie and the books. The walls that were built around Troy were shown to be strong, so it could have withstood siege for a long time. During later excavations, another archaeologist named Manfred Korfmann found fire-damaged remains and arrowheads- a sign of war.

Back in the Bronze Age, Troy was a powerful and wealthy state. It had a population of 4000-8000 people. This people were protected by the strong walls and watched over by imposing watch towers that dominated the city. Outside the city was a long ditch that protected the city from enemy chariots. The shape of the city resembled a rhombus slanted to the right. The size of Troy is estimated to be about 75 acres.

In the story of Troy and the...

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