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A True American According to Webster?s College Dictionary, an American is defined as a citizen of the United States of America. To really be American means so much more than that. America is the land of opportunity, a land of infinite freedoms. You can do anything you want to do in America. No one can stop you from fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals. It is a place full of pride and patriotism. Americans are proud of whom they are, what they have accomplished and what they have to offer for the future. An American is someone that will live a life full of opportunities, live everyday as freely as he or she wishes and have a great sense of pride in the United States.An American is often characterized as hardworking, optimistic and always looking for new opportunities. The idea that the United States is the land of opportunity was created during the industrial revolution when millions of immigrants flocked to urban areas of the United States to earn higher wages and to search for a better life. Because this era fostered such economic success, many foreigners were convinced that America was the place to move and raise a family. Word spread throughout the world of the great opportunity that America had to offer. Higher wages, a variety of jobs and economic security all brought immigrants to the United States. America?s friendly reputation has become a legacy, continually welcoming outsiders of all races and creeds. Affirmative action and equal employment laws have been put into effect that allow everyone a right to do something and to be someone in the United States. Even American citizens whose struggle with physical handicaps and low-income upbringings, are still offered the ?American dream? through such things as scholarships and non-profit organizations. Women, in many countries, are discriminated against and do not have very many opportunities to be anything besides that of which they are told to be. For example, in some parts of Saudi Arabia, the women are told to wear clothing from head to toe, exposing as little of their skin as possible. Their sole responsibility is to raise the family and to tend to the husband. Women in America, however, can be CEO?s of fortune 500 companies, lawyers, artists, musicians or clowns if they choose to be. In America, the wide variety of careers, activities and entertainment grows every day. To be an American, is to be opportunistic, to envision the future ahead, and to always see the cup as being half full.While Americans enjoy many freedoms, these liberties are built upon three basic ones: ?life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? as stated in the Constitution of the United States of America. Escaping British power, our four fathers made liberty a priority. The passionate Patrick Henry said with fiery eyes, ?Give me liberty or give me death.? However melodramatic Henry?s words may sound today, this ideology still somewhat...

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