True American An American Is Often Defined As A Citizen

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True American An American is often defined as a citizen of the United States. To be an American is so much more than that. An American is someone that will live a life full of opportunities, life everyday as freely as he or she wishes.It means a lot to be an American, especially after what happened on September 11th. To be an American means being proud about all the things that we have that other people don?t have. Ever since that day, people started to care over night. Everyone went to help anyone who was in need, volunteering their efforts to save the lives of their fellow citizens. We showed patriotism by getting flags. We all banded together to make the best of the situation and not let this happen again. This is what it means to be an American. Being an American means that you have certain rights that cannot be taken away. We Americans believe in three basic freedoms: ?life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? this is stated in the constitution. Escaping British power, our fore fathers made liberty a priority. The passionate Patrick Henry said with fiery eyes, ?Give me liberty or give me death.? Being an American means that you have certain rights that cannot be taken away. The pride and love for the United States of America burns in every American?s heart.To be an American means that you will grow up with many different opportunities, live with many different freedoms and show your pride for the United States of America. Attempting to achieve the ?American dream? of having a good career, good family life, many opportunities and freedoms really shows what it means to be an American. Only you will be able to choose your path in life.No one will make the decisions for you. You will be able to do things any way in which you choose to do them. America is a ?melting pot,? so diverse with so many options for everyone to pursue. A true American is someone who understands theses opportunities, takes advantage of these freedoms and shows the rest of the world that America is the best place to...

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