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True Until Proven Otherwise Essay

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I have a chemistry presentation approaching and I have no idea what to present on. The only requirements are for the presentation to relate to chemistry. Viewing some of the first projects that were presented I saw these individuals choose simple ideas that some people already knew and made sense. However, this is not what I wanted to do. Me being very interested in the science field, I wanted to find something that could truly make an impact in how chemistry fundamentals are viewed.
So my quest took a turn for the internet. On the internet I went through the main news sources and then some not as well known news sites. On one of these not as well known science sites I discovered exactly ...view middle of the document...

Then one year he was going over that particular problem on his calculator, and one of his students stated that she had done it by hand. My professor thinking to himself “How did you end up solving this by hand, the problem said it cannot be done.”
Later he viewed the long process that she went through to determine the answer by hand and surprisingly enough she did end up finding the correct answer by hand. Feeling a little embarrassed and quite impressed that his student was able to do this he admitted to the class and his student that it can be done by class and that he and the book are actually incorrect.
This is another example of how people today overlook possibilities that present themselves however they are not taken advantage of. This goes to show you that not everything that a person says is true. Even some of the smartest people who create books and whatever else are actually proven wrong throughout their lives. By being proven wrong this allows them to advance their knowledge and become as smart as they are.
Even dating way back when the church made a statement that the earth was the center of the universe and everything in space orbited the earth people did not think to question the church’s proclamation. Until one day Copernicus stated that the previous theory was incorrect and that the sun is the center of the universe and everything even the earth orbited around it.
People are not okay with change and usually do not react well especially when a theory was believed for hundreds of years. So this new proclamation was not taken well. The people and government decided to throw Copernicus in jail. Later his observations were found to be true. So the good people threw a man in jail for disagreeing with the Catholic church and actually being correct in his hypothesis.
Another more knowledgeable and relatable story that almost everyone knows about are the winter Olympics this...

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