Truism Essay. This Essay Discusses How Governments Tend To Rise And Fall. It Shows The Cycle Of Government.

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Every great civilization in human history, from the long-lived Chinese Dynasties, to the once immortal Roman Empire, and more recently, the huge Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, has followed the same rise and fall cycle. They expanded and grew in property rapidly and for many years remained the dominant force in their region. For a short time the civilization would reach an apex, a golden age, and then begin a long, cascading decline before coming to an abrupt end from forces within. Historians say that we can learn from history to avoid past mistakes. If that is true, why haven't we broken the circle of corruption in order to reach humanity's full potential? "We learn from history that we do not learn from history." Humans must stop looking to the past to unlock the future, it is the only way to prevent history from coming full circle once again, a circle that will eventually carry the entire species into self-destruction. Most of the greatest governments reach their greatest peak, but can't stay there. Why? Because the government believes that nothing can topple it and grows careless and corrupt. Time and time again we see civilizations rise and fall to internal chaos. The Ancient Roman Empire is a prime example of the cycle of government. According to legend Rome was first founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus, whether the two brothers existed or not, this is the accepted founding date of Rome. As the leading Italian city-state, Rome spread its army out among the other Italian cities, and by the third century BC had all of Italy and several colonies united under a single banner. Science, the arts, and culture flourished under the tutelage of ancient masters such as: Socrates, Plato, Homer, Hippocrates, and Aristotle. Presiding over the masses were the great emperors such as: Julius Caesar, Justinian, and Constantine. At its apex during the Pax Romana, a hundred-year long golden age, Rome encompassed most of southern and middle Europe, Britain, the Iberian Peninsula, the Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor, the Palestine coast, and Northern Africa. Two hundred years later in 486 A.D. Rome finally collapsed due to internal struggle between the plebian masses and the patrician upper class, corrupt government officials, unrest among the conquered peoples, and the inability to keep control of the army. The empire that stood for a thousand years crumbled from within, not from any effort of outside forces, as have many others following in Rome's wake Throughout history, humans have argued with each other over about what the ideal of something should be, be it government, religion, science, and everything in between, yet compromises that are made usually fail over time. There are two...

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