Truman Speaks An Exclusive Interview With Truman Burbank An Imaginary Interview From The Movie The Truman Show

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Me: So Truman, let's start at the beginning. What first made you think that something was wrong with your world?Truman: Well, actually, not a whole lot. It was just a feeling at first. Then I started to notice that things were too regular, calculated even. It just didn't fit together right. Then everyone tried so hard to convince me that nothing was going on; it just clicked.Me: How did you feel when you found the door in the sky?Truman: Thankful, really. I knew I wasn't crazy. It was kind of exciting to know I was right. But it was scary too. I mean, how would you feel if you just found out for sure that everything you knew, your whole world, was fake, and the rest of the real world was watching you 24 hours a day?Me: Well, I guess I would be surprised too.Truman: Surprised is not even the word...Me: I suppose not. So what happened when you walked through the door?Truman: They came after me. They tried to stop me; to say it was my duty to stay. I told them to screw off, I was finally taking control of my life and I wasn't going to be pushed around. It surprised them enough that they just stood there with stupid looks on their faces. I just kept on walking.Me: What did you feel, especially when Christoff was talking to you from the sun?Truman: Well, I was shocked, angry, happy, excited, everything. I was angry that he was trying to keep me there. It ticked me off that he said he cared about me so much, yet he tried to kill me in the storm. Not even that, but the fact that he kept me in that fake world in the first place. Happy that I was out. Excited about all of the new stuff that was going to happen. Even more excited that I was going to find Sylvia.Me: I'll bet so. How did you find her?Truman: I didn't, actually. She found me. As I came out of the dome she was there, waiting for me. I can't tell you how happy I was. I had been looking for her since the day they took her away, and it was amazing that I had finally found her.Me: So what happened with you two?Truman: Well, obviously, we got married. We have a house near the beach now, so I can go sailing whenever I want. She's helping me get used to living in the real world. I got a job doing the finish work on...

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860 words - 3 pages The Truman ShowKevin JamesIn this modern society, reality shows on television are the most viewed and rated shows. The Truman Show is a movie produced in 1998 by Peter Weir. It is about an adult named Truman Burbank, the place he lives is in fact a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: The Truman Show. Truman thinks that he

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789 words - 3 pages TRUMAN SHOW 1/ IN THE TRUMAN SHOW, TRUMAN WAS ADOPTED BY A CORPORATION, RAISED IN A FAMILY AND PROVIDED WHAT MOST WOULD CONSIDER A "NORMAL LIFE ". WHAT IT MORALLY RIGHT FOR THIS TO TAKE PLACE? EXPLAIN.Certainly from my point of view this is not morally right to do what was done to Truman Burbank because he lived in a world where he was literally trapped in his own life by the surreal existence in which he has been forced to spend every day of

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1469 words - 6 pages The Truman ShowThe Truman Show starts to rise when signs of falseness about his life become aware to him. The first sign of deceit happens when he was about to climb into his car and he was distracted by a high pitched whistling sound. A stage light reading "SIRIUS (9 Canis Major)" has just fallen suspiciously from the sky. As he picks up the light mechanism and loads it into the back of his car, he proceeds to go to work. After parking


832 words - 3 pages War I, he also insisted on transferring the nuclear energy from the military to the civilian Atomic Energy commission and on placing authority to use the bomb solely with the president, he also unified the armed forces under a civilian secretary of defense.Although that the U.S.S.R and the United States had been allies during the war Truman started to dissolve this alliance when Stalin began using his army to take control over the Eastern Europe


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622 words - 2 pages epitome of the concept of television media executives selling products to an audience, and securing directly, or indirectly as in The Truman Show (where product promotion arises from the use of products by the “residents” of Seahaven), commercial sponsors to pay for the air time. Christof manipulates all of the components of Truman’s life, and the movie audience feels that they too are being manipulated into a sense of compassion for

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929 words - 4 pages “The truth hurts!” is a commonly used phrase. Usually, these words describe peoples’ reluctance to face reality. As a result, people struggle for security by striving for perfection; In the end, the search for the perfect world, the perfect place and the perfect life seems like the ultimate goals of human kind—or is it? In a movie called The Truman show which was created by Peter Wilier tries to contradict all these. Referenced from the

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672 words - 3 pages People are all subject to being influenced by their environment and others. For Truman Burbank, the main character of The Truman Show, his environment has heavily influenced him his entire life. Truman, an allegorical character who represents the people of the world, resides in a studio built like a city with hidden cameras and all the residents of the city are actors. Truman, however, has no knowledge of the show, which was created and is

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750 words - 3 pages , the exploitation of individuals by the media and the involvement of the audience in that exploitation.Christof is located in the lunar room, he is the director and creator of the character Truman and the show. The lighting and colour used for Christof's world helps us to distinguish it from Truman's. The lunar room is a shadowy place, the dark and colourless setting is associated with evil intent, it is a metaphor for what the film suggests is the

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827 words - 3 pages Truman's world imaginary? It is nearly impossible to define imaginary versus reality, and it is for this reason that one must approach this question from a different angle. It is better stated as: What makes a world real? Reality is defined by three characteristics: material possessions, relationships with others, and faith. Truman Burbank embodies these three characteristics to the fullest, and for this reason, it can be said that Truman's world is

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1048 words - 5 pages . Regardless of the support that the media gets from some people, audiences who watch this movie will probably find that a bit of Truman Burbank lives inside of them. They may see just how much of a grasp that the media has on modern life. While The Truman Show is a work of fiction, the movie still effectively demonstrates the way that the world works today. The movie demonstrates to consumers that they should be weary about what is being presented to them. Most importantly, people should construct their own realities and beliefs rather than the world that they see on television.

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999 words - 4 pages In the film The Truman Show by director Peter Weir, the viewer is presented with a rural utopia. The star of this paradise is a life insurance salesman named Truman Burbank, portrayed by Jim Carrey. As we go through Truman's day we see how the world, literally, revolves around him and yet, we see that it is not a world at all, but a set. In fact, as the television narrator informs the viewer, it is "one of the only man-made objects visible from

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1933 words - 8 pages The movie, The Truman Show, can be related to religion in many ways. Jim Carrey stars as Truman Burbank, a 30-year-old man, whose whole life has been the plot of an acclaimed TV show. The movie shows how reality can be altered and created when confined into a small space. The movie is set in the town of Sea Haven, which is built inside a studio in Hollywood, California. Truman was born and adopted by a corporation, and that's when the show

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895 words - 4 pages strong hold of Christof who represents the society. Meryl , Truman’s wife is clearly shown as an actor and portraying an image of stereotypical women from the 1950’s with her fitted bodices and flared knee length skirts. She plays and overly-devoted mother like figure to Truman. Meryl is also used for product placement and in the middle of a conversation with Truman she will begin to describe the wonders of a product. In the beginning Truman just

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5641 words - 23 pages millions." Also, hope, joy and inspiration is what religion can give, so this is another connection to religion and that he's proud. It seems as though he can offer something as good as religion. We can tell that Christof is very passionate about 'The Truman Show', from the beginning of the film when Christof is talking to the camera, like an interview. He said that there was nothing fake about Truman himself. Also