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Truss Construction Shop Analysis

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Truss Construction Shop Analysis:
Resynthesizing and Strengthening Ethical Standards
University of Maryland University College
AMBA 600

Truss Construction Shop Analysis:
Resynthesizing and Strengthening Ethical Standards
Per your request, further investigation on Truss Construction Shop employee, John Craftsmen case has been completed. Incident (dated Monday May, 2 2016) has since brought forth substantial information that must be considered for resolution. As more public scrutiny challenges Truss Construction Shop’s reputation, it is imperative that qualitative action is taken before it severely affects productivity.
The following analysis of the aforementioned case delineates gathered information and pertinent background research to be able to juxtapose parties and their obligations involved.
Explanation of Issue
On May 2, 2016, Truss Construction Shop employee, John Craftsmen, severely injured his hand while pushing a large piece of wood through a table saw. John Craftsmen claims he followed all safety procedures and blames company for incident. He feels company did not guarantee that machine was as safe as possible for use.
Company’s shop manager, David Waffler, stated that if machine was not in safe condition he would have been notified by the foreman, Harry Hillman.
Foreman Hillman provided documentation of maintenance records to support his position that machine was maintained according to maintenance protocols. In addition, Hillman alleges that employee, Craftsmen, was “joking, laughing, and goofing around” with his co-workers prior to injury
As of May 12, 2016, further correspondence from parties is still pending.

Analysis of the Information
Before assessing other viewpoints, the premise of said incident must be evaluated for validity. It is clear that shop manager significantly relies on foreman to ensure machines, or at least the table saw machines, are in proper maintenance status. Why this responsibility is solely on Harry Hillman and not at minimum, monitored by shop manager, David Waffler, must be questioned. Therefore, Harry Hillman’s experience, functions, and general relationship with employees should be evaluated to determine if he meets the responsibilities expected of him. In addition, to weigh comments of both parties, there should be affirmation if there is any potential risk of machines in use in-between maintenance checks and if all tools or safety utensils are always provided for use. Examples of this could be proper eye-wear and hand-protection (in the form of push sticks), which provide basic protection (Winter, 2014). If Craftsmen can provide more support with how and why he feels the company was negligent, it could reflect other issues within the company and call for change.
In another light, if Harry Hillman saw John Craftsmen “goofing around” with his co-workers prior to the incident, Hillman should be asked: (1) How long before injury did Hillman witness Craftsmen’s behavior? (2) Did...

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