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Trust Essay

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Political and Legal Studies The Development of Australian Democracy Introduction The development of the Australian democratic system has been underway since the first English settlement of Australia in 1788. Modern day Australian law and the parliamentary system are based on the arrangement of both the English and the American systems. In this report I will outline the basis of law within Australia, the development of both the State and Federal parliaments, the development of the voting systems within Australia, the role and development of the Australian constitution and the effectiveness of liberal democracy in modern day Australia.The Basis Of Law In Australia The foundation of Australian law derives from English law. Australian law was originally formed upon the idea that no person or group was in possession of any part of what we now call Australia. After Captain James Cook claimed Australia in 1771, Captain Arthur Phillip settled Australia in 1788. In 1788 New South Wales was first classified as a "?settled colony' and received law from the rule of England. The colonies legal system was confined to maintaining discipline among convicts and military guards. In 1814 the first Supreme Court of Australia, in New South Wales was established to hear only civil matters. The opening of the New South Wales Supreme Court marked the beginning of Australian case law. In 1828 the Supreme Court was permitted to hear Criminal cases by the parliament of England. It's establishment helped to increase the use of English law in New South Wales and Australia. As colonial legislatives emerged and colonies started enacting their own statutes conflicts began between colonial law and imperial law.In 1828 imperial legislation provided that all English law should operate in the Australian colonies. This imperial statute was to be applied in colonies and was considered a paramount force to override existing colonial law. Colonial legislature had no power to pass a law that was repugnant to the imperial statute. Imperial controls restricted the colonial governments and courts. This legislation forced Australian government and courts to abide by English law. These imperial controls were later brought formally to an end in 1986.The British Parliament formally had exclusive power until the Australia Act adopted in 1986 ended the British supremacy. The Australia Act official long title is "?An Act to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the commonwealth and the states into conformity with the status of the commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, in "?"?"?"?..'.The legal system in Australia, like the British system is based on the political and philosophical ideal called the Rule of Law. Under the Rule of Law a person's relations with another person is governed by law and not by force. The Rule of Law also makes clear that no person should be deprived of life, liberty and property, except in the due process of law. A person is entitled to a fair trial in an open...

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1115 words - 5 pages simple beliefs. What someone older would have shaken off, Kennedy's childish ignorance and simple trust could not. She had no doubt that the the teens had known what they were talking about; Kennedy's own sister was one of them. As the tears overflowed down her chubby, freckled cheeks, she looked up at the sky and said quietly, "Sorry, darling God, for bothering you." Her eyes looked at the dandelions, but no longer with the rapture she had before

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781 words - 3 pages Trust and Interpersonal PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Running head: TRUST AND INTERRPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPSTrust and Interpersonal RelationshipsUniversity of PhoenixManagement MGT/521May 18, 2010Trust and Interpersonal Relationships[Trust is often defined as a belief or confidence] that he or she has about other parties' characteristics that may increase willingness to take risks and ultimately helps "solve" the social dilemma (Zaheer, McEvily, &amp

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712 words - 3 pages "Trust Me"--No Way"Trust Me"--No way!A clergyman was sitting in a lounge with me, passing the time. I seem to attract them. We both had drinks and were talking about the New Biblical Criticism when he noticed someone at the door. He suddenly reached for his wallet and pulled it out and examined its interior. "Shhhhi," he whispered, then looked at me. "I hate to ask you this," he continued, "but do you have a twenty dollar bill that I could

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1364 words - 6 pages One of the most important factors when determining whether or not companies and their employees will obtain, and maintain a high level of performance is the level trust between leaders and followers. Trust must be earned and is very easily lost. Trust is an everyday end ever, a foundation that is built brick but brick. Trust is never a consistent situation based on facts. Most relationships have a different level of trust that are needed for

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902 words - 4 pages Introduction The national trust was founded in 1895. It protects over 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments. This organisation is a charity which does not rely funds from government but depends on membership fees and donations from members. "We're a charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces – for ever, for everyone." (National trust 2013) This report will be based on an analysis of the national trust

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