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Although not everyone have the experience of facing some dangerous tasks, stressed out situations that need the existence of trust to enable you to accomplish them in the right way, but I do believe that there must be some kind of situations that forced you to put your trust in someone else, or even yourself, to solve the encounter problem, and I?m no exception. Up to now, I still have a vivid remembrance of what took place through out the just passed year, the Rifle Legion kept on practicing and practicing, in order to pursue for honor, and we finally conquered all the obstacles in front of us and earned the trophy, which tells that the Rifle Legion is the second best in the nation. In order to achieve this very honor, we had spent so much time doing dangerous movements, reaching for any chances to have us a real performing experience, and we went to our final destination, the drill competition. All those events need trust in both yourself and your partner to ...view middle of the document...

It was about the late January that we had a chance to perform for the basketball halftime show. We had practiced the whole morning, in order to create perfection and leave good impression to both the corps and the alumni. At this period of time, we not only have to trust our partners, we also have to trust ourselves, in order to overcome the nerve that brought by the crowds. I have to admit that I was so nervous that I kept on telling myself to trust myself that I could do it, and my friends were also encouraging me to take that performance as a regular practice. We made a real good impression to both the corps and the alumni, although we made some mistakes. It?s all about trust.Last week, we drove all the way from Charleston to New Olean, in order to participate in the national wide drill competition. This time, the situation was totally different from practices and performance. It was the first time for most of us to be part of the national wide match. We had practiced some new movements just for the competition, which were also very dangerous. That morning of the competition was real cold, which was bad for drilling. All of us were nervous, but we really want to bring back the trophy, then our commander inspired us and made us confident and to be faithful that we definitely could do it. Then the show time came. We did pretty well in that competition and we played the second in the nation. We brought back the trophy with honor.Trust is such an essential element that is needed through out your whole life that it helps you to accomplish your tasks, have faith in yourself, build up good relationship between you and your partners, and so on. To me, the Rifle Legion is the living evidence that show how important it is to have trust in both yourself and your partner. We had been through so many conflicts, frustrations, and injuries, but why are we still standing still? It?s all because of trust. Being able to have trust keeps you moving forward and able to take the coming challenges. I would never say that ones could always accomplish ?anything? with trust, but he/she would never going to be able to fulfill even the smallest dream that he/she had been holding on to. Trust is the most essential element in the world that will push you to the peek.

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