Trusted Network Connect Of Trusted Computing Group (Tcg) With 802.1x Port Based Authentication

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Abstract— Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is providing a great effort to provide network security at every level, that’s why the technologies of trusted computing group are spreading very rapidly and will become the most leading technologies in next few years. Always there are Threats to networks, which create need for some features to secure the network at end point admission. The flow of information must be confident and data integrity measures should also be followed. The models provided by trusted computing group provides high and powerful security features, TNC: Trusted Network Connect is a technology provided by TCG, which provides security both at hardware and software platforms. TNC is basically used for NAC (Authentication Purpose). The Architecture of NAC provides a clear background of how a network can be made secure and how to avoid unauthorized access. IEEE 802.1x is a standard which provide port based network access control and protect the network from unauthorized access. If the access register is unauthorized then access is given but access is not given when the access is unauthorized. IEEE 802.1x is basically used for authentication and authorization purpose. This paper aims to review the literature of trusted computing in context of trusted network connect and 802.1x port based authentication using NAC.
Keywords- Trusted network connect; 802.1x; Network access control; Security mechanisms; EAP
Security is often seen as exclusive requirement in networking, providing security is an important issue. A lot of problems are there so a lot of security measures should be provided. Security is more important than ever before due to many reasons. When a network is implemented poorly, security threats and attacks are always there. But if that network is made fully secure by implementing high level of security, the security threats will be fewer in number. Security is required at every level of network. Some sort of security features are to be used by implementing on a hardware security, so that the users accessing the network from outside are made authorized and should be authenticated and then must be given access. This paper aims to review the application of trusted computing for securing different networks. There is a need to provide secure access control, the flow of information must be confidential and data integrity measures should also be followed by the network.
The objective of this paper is literature review and to provide a critical review of the literature and at last provide the concluded results from the whole work. The paper mainly focuses to study the trusted computing environment and the study of port based authentication.
In particular, we tend to trust the computer on the desk in front of us to do the right thing. Or rather, we may not truly trust it, but we have little alternative. This is our starting point for thinking about trusted systems. We may believe that we know what software is installed on...

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