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Truth Is A Matter Of Perspective

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There is always one idea that all humans react to and that is strong emotions. From Recollection of a Private, Warren Lee Goss writes “During the day I went over a portion of the battle-field in the road through the woods, where the Confederates had made the unsuccessful charge upon Kirby's battery. Here the dead lay very thick, and a number of their wounded were hidden in the thickets. They had fallen in many instances on their faces in the headlong charge; some with their legs torn off, some with shattered arms, and others with ghastly wounds in the head.” (Goss 51) As obviously shown the time period is the civil war the time where the realism movement was at a peak. This event was real ...view middle of the document...

The definition of it is to create an impression or an emotion which is not meant to be taken literally. Most of the information could be bias by the storyteller so there is no confirmation of the data. Those soldiers could be trying to glorify themselves and no one would be the wiser so the data must not be taken literally. Still even the book is questionable there is still enjoyment from the book due to the creative and comprehensive events.
Even not from his own experience I do enjoy the book overall from his use of imagery. An example is this “Meanwhile the thunder of the conflict grew louder and louder, and about five o'clock we came upon fragments of regiments of that part of Couch's command which had become isolated at Fair Oaks Station ; they had fallen back half a mile or so, and when we joined them beyond the Courtney house they were hotly engaged with the enemy, who were in overwhelming numbers. “(Goss 50) This extraordinary detail helps similar minds to mine to create a mental movie of the event. On the question on what I will do different well would be pick a different author bit late to change to a new author. Reason being is that my author is not famous or well known so not much is for or against his works which I believe should be more recognized. His stories remind me of the stories my friends from the arm forces tell my regiment during our free time. They are trustworthy friends and with strong belief that what they say is truth. Now I’m not going to write about my experience and everything Mr. Goss said but I will enjoy their stories.
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