Truth Or Lie? Essay

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In 2008, 21% of adults in America aged 18 and older were current cigarette smokers while another 21% had been former smokers and 58% had smoked less than 100 cigarettes in their life, according to a CDC survey (Pleis 10). These statistics result in almost half of the United States population being smokers at one point in their life. The tobacco industry is huge in order to provide cigarettes to the quarter of Americans that currently smoke. The statistics that resulted from the survey did not even include other types of tobacco products, which are just as harmful. However, even realizing the harm that tobacco products can cause, tobacco companies use a variety of devious methods to draw people in to buy their product, especially younger people. With all of the money flowing in from their consumers, tobacco companies lobby very heavily in Congress and the House to prevent laws and regulations that will cut into their profits. According to, the tobacco industry spent $10.6 million to lobby Congress in the first half of 2003 (Tobacco-Free Kids). Organizations such as the American Legacy Foundation are annoyed by the lies that big tobacco companies tell; they decided to bring the truth out into the open. The aptly named “truth” campaign opposes the tactics that tobacco businesses use to advertise their product, and the campaign has decided to fight against the lies to provide the truth about cigarettes and tobacco. The truth campaign’s anti-smoking ads present a stunning portrayal of smoking that reflects the influence tobacco companies have on youth while also illustrating the consequences of addiction and use.
The American Legacy Foundation ran several print ads along with ads played on the TV, internet, and radio in 2005 to urge the American youth to find the truth about tobacco products. Their print ads in particular were very interesting and eye-catching. A group of three ads combined to give the reader a sense of how tobacco companies have covered up the truth about the products they sell and how it affects your body. Each of the three ads shows a close-up view of an ear, mouth, or a person’s eyes. What makes this interesting is how the ear, mouth, eyes is/are presented: The picture of the ear reveals that the ear has been stitched up and the same goes for the mouth and eyes. The skin color of the person dominates the image while contrasting with the jet-black sutures that protrude from the skin. Somberness, evil, death—the color black is affiliated with these traits (Gude). Because the sutures are black, they symbolize how the tobacco companies are evil for hiding the truth from the public and advertising their products without fully informing the consumer of the risks involved. In addition to the contrasting colors, the three ads also greatly detail the areas around where the sutures have entered the skin to close up the ear, mouth, or eyes. Redness around the suture punctures is meant to signify the painful process...

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