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Truth Revealed Essay

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Have you ever been accused of doing something which you didn’t do? If so, it is easy to relate to the feelings to those accused in “The Crucible”. This feeling is wrong; it feels like your stomach is being crushed and your head being filled with anxiety. It seems reasonable that whoever committed crime would face the time, right? Unfortunately, many of the innocent went through this unfairness with extreme conditions. There are many bystanders who became victims in this time of crisis; however, Abigail isn’t one of them. Although Abigail appears to be this perfect angel to the other characters, the truth is she is a remorseless and ruthless sociopath from her actions against Betty, Mary Warren, and Reverend Hale.
Abigail is cold-blooded because she showed no hesitation as she threatened Betty and the other girls with the same brutal methods the Native Americans used to her parents. “...I saw Indians smash my dear parents’ heads on the pillow next to mine…, ...view middle of the document...

Abigail knew that John was probably her most deadliest threat, and she knew he would use Mary Warren to testify against her. To counter this, Abigail induce the other girls to follow her devious plan to discredit Mary. “The wings! Her wings are spreading! Mary, please, don’t, don’t-!” Shrieked by Abigail and the other girls (Miller 226). The plan succeeded; Mary was discredited, but she had a mental breakdown in the process. Abigail ruined Mary’s life by using her a scapegoat and she destroyed her psychological well-being in the process; this proves Abigail is not any type of victim but a perpetrator of immorality.
Abigail is calculating because she ran away with all of her uncle’s money when current events weren’t in her favor. Abigail knew the judges weren’t completely sane so she decided to run, but she needed money to do so. “Thirty-one pound is gone. I am penniless.” Reverend Parris said while trying to contain his sorrow (Miller 231). This was her solution to her money problem, by robbing her uncle of his life savings. No saint would ever allow such cruelty to anyone even if in a dire situation. By doing this, she has condemned her own flesh and blood to a miserable future. There is no case here; Abigail is no victim of circumstances. It could be argued that it wasn’t her fault. It was John Proctor’s fault from using his authority and age to coerce her into sexual activities, and I do understand how one may get to that conclusion. Nevertheless, Abigail was the age of 18; therefore, she was labeled as an adult. She was more than capable of saying no and finding another job, but she didn’t. She chose to let herself to be with Proctor; it was voluntary. Besides, if this point was true, she should have tried to bring Proctor to court, not try to kill his wife.
To conclude, Abigail is a malicious person who got away with her sins. She committed many crimes against the citizens of Salem. Betty, Mary Warren, and Reverend Hale were only a few of her victims. She was able to persuade the citizens that she and her associates were these victims of the devil; however, that is not the case. She only accepted it to be able to point out the devil’s minions, which are really the people she hates. The truth is that she is no saint; she is the sinner.

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