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Absolute Truth and Personal Belief are mutually exclusive concepts; however, personal belief without a foundation of absolute truth is dangerous to the human soul. Unless on the witness stand in a court of law, or the thought of facing their Creator in the afterlife, the average person hardly thinks about absolute truth governing their daily lives. Few people wish to hear the truth about themselves; people generally prefer to believe whatever makes them feel comfortable in the moment.
Absolute Truth and Personal Belief are like the structure of a complex sentence. Absolute Truth functions as the subject in a stand-alone sentence, while Personal Belief serves as the ...view middle of the document...

The leaders in the crowd at Jesus' trial did not care about absolute truth. They just wanted life to get back to their version of normal. In Pilate's case, belief trumped truth and put an innocent man to death.
While apparently logical, it is not necessarily practical; to assume that all personal beliefs are valid. For instance, anyone can get a job, a home and all the perceived niceties of life based on their personal belief system, however, there is one place where personal beliefs which have no basis in absolute truth are costly...The soul.
The soul is the seat of human choice that manifests as the mind, feeling, will, and emotion; regarded as distinct from the physical body. (Merriam-Webster) What do absolute truth and personal belief have to do with the soul? Nothing, as long as one is alive. Absolute truth and personal belief become important once the soul leaves the body. Here are a few unalterable absolute truths:
1. All people will eventually die.
2. The soul leaves the body at the point of death.
3. The human body remains on earth and decomposes.
There are many beliefs on the disposition of the soul after it leaves the body, such as reincarnation, people returning in new forms; death as the total...

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