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Truth Vs Lying Essay

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People are told to be honest ever since they are young. However, sometimes being truthful is one of the hardest things they have to follow. People lie because they are afraid of what others might think of. Also, a lot of times, lying is easier than telling the truth. In both plays, An Enemy of the People and The Harder They Fall, the playwrights use physical troubles in order to show the moral illnesses. The writer of An Enemy of the People, Ibsen, used the disease of the poisoned water to symbolize the moral disease rampant in his society. And Yordan, who is the writer of The Harder They Fall, showed the moral illness through the condition of being jobless.
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When Eddie, who is a young recognized and respected sports journalist, loses his job as a writer, the major fight promoter, Nick Benko, approached him and suggested if Eddie could work for him. Nick asked Eddie to act as a public relations man for his new fighter, Toro Moreno. Eddie of course accepted Nick’s request because at this point Eddie is out of work. After few days Eddie realized how Toro is bad at boxing and has no hope for succeeding. However, for money Eddie continued to write false statements on the articles and lies to the world that Toro is the rising star in the boxing world. Eddie felt guilty about his work and asked himself, “Should I tell Toro the truth or not?” continuously. He knew that he should be honest but he could not stop lying because he was getting a good amount of money from doing this for Nick. Yordan showed moral corruption through Eddie’s behavior. He decides to lie to the world taking big risk as a respected journalist just for the money. Across all of happenings caused by dishonesty, Yordan offers solution to this moral problem in The Harder They Fall.
Eddie decides to fight for the truth and write about corruptions in the boxing world. Even though he is going to gain some disrespects from what he had done by doing this, he overcomes his fear and...

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