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Today, many people have a problem distinguishing between reality and fictional fantasy. The severity of this problem is increasing at a substantial speed due to the abundance of reality shows in our society. Reality TV is becoming more and more popular because of its unscripted performance and cheaper production costs. Instead of watching actors and actresses memorizing lines and twitching face muscles in front of the screen, the audience can view people with real emotions facing situations that he/she can relate to. Reality TV is also cheaper to produce compared to other shows because it does not need a screenwriter, paid actors, or artificial settings. According to Scott Collins in the Los Angeles Times, "scripted series, which routinely run more than $2 million per episode" can be twice to four times the price of producing a reality episode. Besides being cheap to produce and unscripted in performance, many other reasons can give us some clues as to why these "favored children at networks" (Scott Collins) have risen to their popularity in today's media. To explore these reasons why people watch reality shows and what effects they have on the people, my English Composition group made a survey to find out what kinds of people watch reality TV and what their attitudes toward it are. To have a more concrete example, we focused our survey on one specific reality show, Newlyweds, and attempted to discover what effects it has on the audiences' view on marriage.Our survey is targeted at younger adults, ages sixteen to twenty five. We divided the survey into four groups: first by gender and then by age. We had two age divisions, from sixteen to nineteen, and from twenty to twenty-five. In this way we limited our age group to people who were old enough to understand marriage but were not likely to be married. This limitation helped us target more specific groups with higher amounts of results in each group so that the probabilities would be more accurate. From the surveys we tried to notice tendencies and derive certain conclusions from the results. We also read a few articles about reality TV that might help us reach the conclusions that we were looking for. I in particular had many expectations about the results, even though it didn't turn out as I expected. I anticipated that almost all people watch TV. I also believed that only about half of the people watch reality shows and that they would be weak followers. Another big expectation was that people who saw Newlyweds would most certainly want to be in a marriage. The survey proved me wrong.Going from broad to specific, the first thing we tried to find out was how many people actually watch Reality TV. Surprisingly, more than ten percent of the young adults don't participate in this over abused activity. This result was shocking due to my anticipation of the number being lower than five percent. In our age of media, it was surprising that people can still escape the encroachment of television in...

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