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Trying Hard To Survive Essay

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Societies run off the power of the people, and some societies use a democracy as a form of power. There are people who say that for a democracy to survive that people do not need to be educated on all subjects, they also believe that asking questions or challenging “long-held ideas” is a waste of time, because no results will be formed by them. Then there are the people that feel that someone needs to be educated just enough to survive and questions or voicing opinions on “long-held ideas” should only be done when it is absolutely mandatory. Finally, there are the people (like me) that disagree with the people above. These people believe that all education is important. They are the people who understand that asking questions and voicing their displeasure with the “long-held ideas” makes the democracy survive. To further expand on democracies surviving people believe that some of the most terrible things came from obedience, but many people including myself believe that disobedience is what causes terrible things while obedience puts a stop to it. A democracy would not exist without education and being able to stand up behind a question or voicing an opinion of displeasure, nor would a democracy survive without obedience. No one would take a stand to allow for the democracy to survive if the nation was disobedient. Through letting people gain knowledge, questioning ideas, and voicing opinions; the democracy has a pulse.
Education is the backbone of democracy; knowledge holds everything up needed for a democracy to survive. If a backbone were straight, the body would not be able to move as much. The same idea goes to a democracy; if the people were not educated then the democracy would have trouble surviving because it would be unable to move forward. To expand on this idea of knowledge I am going to use the president, Barack Obama. Obama is a very educated man; after all he was a professor at University of Chicago Law School (ranked number 4 in the U.S.) this shows that he had to be obedient since professors and teachers are the biggest role model for people after family member such as parents. With the education he had, he was able to inform his country on what he felt that the American people needed in his campaign, Change. Obama having lots of knowledge in history and government understood the next steps needed to be taken for the United States to survive and improve day by day. He knew exactly how to get the troops out of war and back to their families. If the troops were disobedient, they would not have been able to get back home since they would have no way of knowing how to, or the people in charge would get annoyed and not want to continue with the mission (when a little kid does something wrong they are not rewarded). Having Obama as educated as he is allowed the democracy to survive at the toughest of times during his presidency. Since Obama is a very educated man, as shown in the examples above, he is a great Manubrium to the backbone...

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