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When it comes to trying juveniles as adults, it is a strong issue to follow through, but it has been a controversial topic to the public. This topic is a controversial topic even considering that there are numerous arguments to put forth on both sides. There will be stated pros and cons of each side and articles to back up the arguments. Juveniles are defined as children who fall under the age of 18, depending on the state. Even though, some juveniles are tried as adults despite their under age.

In this article the Pro side is going to be, the crime is a crime no matter who did it. Even if a child did a crime doesn’t mean the victim didn’t suffer. There are several people who believe that the juvenile court has been established with the age factor in mind rather than focusing on the crime factor. Trying juveniles as adults should get them to understand consequences of their actions, but also keep them from committing any further crimes and become fully acknowledge that they are not given any special consideration because of their age factor. Also, this can have the affect to lower the amount of crime. The way to deter crime, courts can give harsher punishments. Furthermore, the juvenile justice system can be a slap on the wrist compared to the adult justice system. There are also some other arguments on the topic of treating juveniles as adults that compare both sides of the argument. There was an article in CNN which had two different views of an argument on the topic, should the U.S. justice system treat juvenile violent offenders as adults? According to CNN Magazine,

“The end result of a heinous crime remains the same, no matter who commits it. Our justice system depends upon holding perpetrators responsible for their actions (Reaves).” This is what was written in TIME Magazine when it came to the topic, should the U.S. justice system treat juvenile violent offenders as adults? This can be very understandable. The reason being is because harsh sentencing can act as a deterrent to kids who consider committing a crime. This is one reason why over the years it has let to less crime for young offenders. Most people feel like if you do the crime you have to do the time for it.

On the other hand, juveniles not being tried as adults can be the con side. Most people think juvenile courts are necessary because they can’t, or should not, be tried as adults. Most of the time, the kids who commit crimes are very young. For example, about 20 years ago, 9-year-old Cameron Kocher fired a rifle out of his car window in Pennsylvania and hit his 7-year-old neighbor. This neighbor was riding on a snowmobile, and the shot from the rifle killed her. After this situation happened, the prosecutor decided to try Cameron as an adult, with the charge of murder. According to Robert Schwartz, “The district attorney argued that Cameron had lied when asked about the shooting and lying is something that adults do (Schwartz).” Also according to Schwartz, “Cameron...

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