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Trying To Be Stong Story Essay

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“Yes, Its my birthday, I am finally 17!” Shouted Austin just getting out of bed. Soon he would be an adult. After his family had wished him a happy birthday and fed him breakfast, Austin said good bye to his dad Bill, his mother Kelly, Jake who was only 12 months old, Samantha who is 12 and did not have a good relationship with Austin and was always making fights, Peter who is eight and was the happy all the time, always laughing. And finally Lezzy who was a little angel. She is two years old and loves her family. Kelly had left for work and Bill also. The babysitter staid home with Jake and Lizzy. Austin had left for school with Sam, and Peter.
Loudly at 3:00pm the bell ...view middle of the document...

Shaking his head, Austin couldn’t believe it, It was impossible. This couldn’t happen. But it did it was real and nothing could change it. With several tears rolling down his face he whispered to his father.
“We have to go and see her.”
Leaving everyone at home wondering what had happened, Austin took the wheel and started to drive to the hospital. Was it too late?
Finally they had arrived. Running to the Hospital, Austin saw his mother. Her face was bloody her arms filled with tubes. Her eyes swollen. Her body was cut, but she was smiling. She saw Austine. With a stream of tears rolling down his cheeks he saw his mothers lips move. She had said,
“I love…you……day.”
It was over. She did not survive. Her smile faded and her eyes shut. The heart monitor stopped. They had tried to bring her back. But, it was to late.
“NO!!!!THIS!!!I CAN’T!!!” Austin screamed. His father tried to comfort him. But it did no good. Austin ran out side, knelt down, threw his head down on the floor, put his hands over his head and cried. The tears would not stop.
A week of having no mother, was terrible. It was a week of tears, and sadness. They had the funeral. It was beautiful. It was their last goodbye. Jake cried for his mommy. Lizzy didn’t understand. Sam was trying to not cry but it was impossible, seeing her dad cry and her oldest brother. Peter, he did not have a smile on his face.
A month latter the Frank family were still not the same. No dinners, days, hours, minutes, or second were the same. Three months later the family went back to normal, with sometimes an...

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