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Trying To Get Over Us Essay

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Veronica didn’t have time to react when Jon leaned in and kissed her. It was something she was half-expecting, but she didn’t prepare herself for it. His mouth moved against hers slowly, his hand twisting in her straight jet black hair.
Jon nibbled at her lower lip, running his tongue over it and coaxing it open as he placed his hand on her inner thigh. She opened her mouth and plunged her tongue into his with equal intensity. She didn’t break the kiss until she was forced to by him ushering her shirt slowly up and over her head.
As soon as the piece of clothing was gone, he pushed her back on the bed and lowered himself on top of her. She wrapped one arm around his neck while the other was entangled in her soft hair.
They continued to kiss, alternating between passionate and gentle strokes of each others’ lips. He was so focused on what he was doing that he nearly forgot to breathe. Finally breaking away from her lips, he trailed his way down her jaw as his hand creeped up her chest, cupping her breast. He nestled her neck, brushing her hair away and breathing in her scent, amazed at how soft her skin was against his cheek.
Veronica let out a pleased sigh and slightly arched her back when she felt his hand slip beneath her bra and brush her nipple lightly with his thumb. She gasped when he decided to work his way up and nip at her earlobe. “Jon… only tonight,” she said between kisses as he moved back to her mouth.
“Shh… I know,” he mumbled. “Just enjoy it while you can, Val.”
She pressed into his firmly, indicating that she indeed wanted him to resume. She began tracing kisses from his neck to his collarbone. He began sliding the straps of her bra down slowly. Her hands reached behind her back to unhook it and tossed it on the floor.
Jon discarded his own t-shirt and threw it aside. Without even giving him time to stare at her, Veronica pulled him back down, allowing him to feel her hard nipples against his bare chest. “Jesus, Val…” She writhed beneath him, trying to unbutton her skirt. He was tempted to tear it off, but he instead let her do it herself while he moved his hands to his pants, unbuttoning them and discarding it along with his underwear.
He noticed that she was still struggling with her skirt, so he decided to help her himself. After finally pulling it off, he looked down at her underwear, rolling his eyes because he had to take off another piece of clothing. “Where less clothes next time.”
Veronica was pretty sure she was clear when she said that this would be their final sexual encounter, but she didn’t say anything, just in case there really...

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