Trying To Get Over Us Essay

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Sitting down on the sofa in Zoey’s apartment, she held the glass of red wine to her lips; savouring every last drop of it. Alcohol so far was the only thing there to help her cope with everything, since Zoey had barely said anything to her. Their friendship would most likely be back to normal within a few days, so she didn’t think too much of her silence.
It was still pouring rain, and it was dark out. Also, it was only twelve o’clock. But she actually enjoyed what most would call terrible weather. She was a bit happier now that the rain had gotten heavier than when it started. Still, it wasn’t enough to stop her from crying every few minutes. She took a deep breath after she felt her eyes sting again.
Her phone started ringing, and when she looked at the number, she realized that it was Jon. He went an hour without calling her, and as much she hated to admit it, she’d been waiting for him to call again. She didn’t plan on answering it, but just the thought of him actually thinking of her made her slightly happy. Still, her goal was to get over him, and she eventually would.
“Aren’t you going to answer it?” Zoey asked when she stepped out into the living room, earning a look of confusion from Veronica. “Don’t look at me like that. You and I both know that you want to talk to him. I’ll allow it this one goddamn time. Have a full-length conversation with him, and don’t hang up on him. If you do, he’ll just keep calling.”
Veronica stared at the phone for a while before picking it up and answering it. Zoey went back into her room after she saw her pick it up to give her privacy. “Talk, because this is the last time we’re gonna do this. Don’t leave anything out of what ever you’re going to say.”
He was slightly surprised to hear her voice, but she was glad. He actually wrote down exactly what he was going to say to her if she answer, so it was a good thing that she decided to pick up. “I want you to come back, Veronica.”
He sighed before answering. “Because, I know how much of an ass I was for choosing drugs over you. You were the only person who really cared about me, and I realize now that I love you.” He stopped talking to hear her response, but he didn’t get any. It was only pure silence. He couldn’t even hear her breathing. “Veronica?”
“Stop…” She cleared her throat and he heard a sniff on the other end. “You don’t mean that, stop lying.” Her voice was shaky, which indicated that she was crying. “You just feel guilty, and to make yourself feel better, you’re lying to me, and yourself. Stop it.”
Jon was shocked at her response. He never once expected to hear those words come out of her mouth, especially since she was the one who wanted him back at first. He must have really upset her this time. “I’m not lying. I really do love you. In fact, I even got rid of the drugs.”
“Look, Jon, even if you really love me, we both need to move on. I’m trying to, and I think you should do the same. Things will never work out between us, no matter how...

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