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A/N: Hey everyone! First, I’d like to thank everyone for reading the first story. If you’re new and you didn’t read it, I’d advise you to do so, as certain things may not make sense to you in this.
That being said, I’ve already written up to six chapters, which means I might update quicker if the response is good enough.
Also, Nick in this and later chapters is Dolph Ziggler, in case anyone gets confused.
Anyway, on to the sequel!
Trying to Save Us
Chapter One
Veronica stared at her answering machine in disbelief. That really just happened, she thought. Seated on her couch in her apartment, she tried to take in all that she had heard and shook her head. She needed to hear it again. Reaching over to the side table, she pressed the button on the machine to replay the message.
“Saved message,” the automated female voice spoke through the speaker. “Hey, it’s Nick,” a male voice echoed. “I don’t know if you remember me, but if you do, I’d like to catch up, since I heard you live in Chicago and I’m here for a week. Just call me back if you’d like that.” He left his phone number for her to call before the message got cut off.
Even though he was five years older than her, they were best friends, since they were neighbors back when they both lived in Cleveland. However, they lost touch after he finished high school and left for college. She was sure that he had gone back to Cleveland after he was done with college, but she wouldn’t know; she lived in Cincinnati by the time he was most likely finished.
Veronica sighed and picked up her phone to call him. She held her breath as the line started ringing. She had no idea what to say, since it had been fifteen years since they last spoke to each other. There was a huge possibility that he had changed drastically. “Hello?” Nick’s familiar voice sounded through the phone.
“Hey…” she started, not really knowing what to say. “This is Nick, right?”
“Who is this?” he asked.
“Veronica,” she answered softly. “You know, Veronica Hudson from Cleveland.”
She heard a bit of ruffling before he answered again. “V! You got my message!” he said excitedly. From his reaction, Veronica could tell that he hadn’t changed since the last time they spoke. Well, at least not too much.
“Yeah,” she said shyly. “So, when do you want to catch up?” she asked.
He cleared her throat and hummed for a few seconds. “How about in an hour? Does that sound good to you?”
Veronica smiled, since she was free for the rest of the day. “Sure, that sounds great,” she said before giving him her address to pick her up.Veronica stood in front of her closet in just her underwear, trying to figure out exactly what to wear. He didn’t tell her where they were going, but from what she knew about him, it...

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