"Tsotsi" By Athol Fugard Chapter Summaries

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Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1
Tsotsi, Boston, Butcher and Die Aap sit around the Tsotsi’s room drinking beer in silence, waiting for him to specify what job they will do that night. Tsotsi decides they will head to the train station where their unsuspecting victim, Gumboot Dlamini, begins to head home to his wife. Tsotsi targeted Gumboot for three reasons: he smiled, he wore a flaming red tie, and he bought his ticket with money from his pay packet. After everyone does their part in the murder and robbery they leave Gumboot’s lifeless body on the train to be discovered by the other passengers.
Chapter 2
Tsotsi, Butcher, Boston and Die Aap head to Soekie’s house after the murder to have a few drinks. As they start drinking they begin to talk about Boston getting sick and throwing up during the murder of Gumboot. Boston claims that the only reason he got sick and the others didn’t was because he has decency unlike the rest of them. As the conversation advances Die Aap and butcher take Rosie, a girl who was also in Soekie’s house, outside to rape her. When the others leave Boston begins to question Tsotsi about what he feels. This breaks one of Tsotsi’s rules: never ask questions. Tsotsi begins to get irritated by all the questions about Tsotsi’s personal life. Tsotsi eventually has enough and brutally beats Boston leaving him in Soekie’s place beaten half to death.
Chapter 3
After beating Boston, Tsotsi leaves the she been and takes a walk through the street. As he walks he begins to have a flashback, he sees a boy named Petah being taken away by the police, as he is being taken away he looks down the street and recognizes Tsotsi as David, his name before he changed it to Tsotsi. Tsotsi does not acknowledge the fact that Petah recognized him and just continues his game of dice. As Tsotsi lay under a tree he begins to hear what he recognizes as footsteps, as he hears them come closer and closer he moves to get a better vantage point and sees a young woman as. As he studied her more he began to recognize the symptoms of fear and sees that she was carrying a small parcel and kept checking over her shoulder. Tsotsi grabs her by one arm and swings her into the darkness of the trees, as he pins her against the tree she takes the parcel and thrusts it into the hands of Tsotsi and runs off. The lid slips off and Tsotsi finds himself looking at the face of a young baby boy.
Chapter 4
Tsotsi heads straight to Cassim’s shop in search of milk for the baby, before he gets courage to go up and talk to Cassim he exits and renters the store multiple times waiting for it to empty. Nervously Cassim sends his wife into the back room to round up their children in case Tsotsi tries to mug them, Tsotsi goes up to the counter and asked to buy some milk. After buying the condensed milk Tsotsi takes the baby back to his room to clean it and feed it, after the baby is all clean and fed he takes him to the ruins to hide him. After hiding the baby in the ruins...

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