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Since Tsui was decided to be lawfully killed by Corner’s Court, in the following part of the essay, we would like to focus on how we could prevent this tragedy happen again.

The first suggestion is to enhance effort put on assessing mental health of police officers. Tsui had worked as a police for many years, however, none of his colleagues recognized his abnormal behaviours. If someone had recognized and had given counselling to Tsui, things would have been change differently and this tragedy would not be happened. In 2010, Hong Kong police recruitment had introduced psychometric test. Candidates have to finish three sets of written test. This test effectively help the police to identify candidates’ personality and values (Hong Kong's Information Services Department, 2010). Since results will change over time due to different development stages, it is suggested that a regular, for example, a period of five years, psychometric test to keep a track on these police ...view middle of the document...

Since these peer counsellors are also police officers, who have fully understand on the situation faced by those police in help, a close feeling is built between them. Also, members in need do not need to explain different customs of police to counsellors. Besides, counsellors can also use knowledge learnt in training programmes to assess themselves, as well as their colleagues. If anything goes wrong, immediate ‘first-aid’ can be applied to prevent any sorrow happen.

Moreover, career counselling should also be reinforced. As mentioned above, Tsui had joined the Police Constable/Senior Police Constable to Sergeant Promotion Qualifying Examination for a few times. This action reflected that he really strove for promoting to a higher position in his career. However, he failed many times in these examinations. Those failures made him feeling depressed and went astray. It was important for police to provide career counselling for those officers who seemed to be indignant after knowing that they are not able to get promotion. Scholars found out that people who received career counselling will have a better psychological, educational and behavioural attitude towards career prospect. In this way, they will have a better ability to cope with stress and control their negative emotion comparing with people who haven’t received career counselling (Flynn, 2007). Career counselling meeting could be held for those who failed those qualifying examinations. Advice could be given by career counsellors and senior police officers, who had the same experience of failing the examination. As career counselling is not just a random meeting, instead, it is a process continues over time. This counselling can help these officers to find their strengthen and weakness and made the most suitable choice for their career.
In each career counselling, junior officers are guided to set up their goal and identify steps to achieve the goal and explore the new potential of themselves. Finally, career counsellors can provide support by holding sharing sessions for junior and senior policemen, so that they could exchange their experiences. For those who are frustrated about their career, it is a good chance for them to relieve their anxiety and search for solutions.

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