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Tthe Impact That The Personal Computer Has Made During The Past 10 Years On The The Community. Includes Detailed History, Information About The Internet, And About Future Possibilities

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This report is about the impact that the personal computer has made during thepast 10 years on the the community. It is a report that includes detailedinformation about the personal computer and the way it has worked its wayinto a lot of peoples everyday lives. It includes information about theInternet and how it has shaped peoples life from just a hobby and into anobsession. It includes detailed information about its history, especiallythe time in which it was first developed. There is information about futurepossibilities for the computer about who it could be the future and destroythe future. There is a description on how it is developed and an in-depthlook at how it works.A personal computer is a machine that lets you do do just about everything youcould think of. You can do some basic word-processing and spreadsheets as wellas 'Surf the Internet'. You can play the latest computer games by yourself aswell as against someone from across the other side of the world. It can storedatabases which could contain information that is kept by police for easierrecords or you could just use it for your own family history. The basic structureof a computer is a keyboard, a moniter, a and case which holds all the componetsto make a computer run like a Hard drive, a Motherboard, and a Video card. Thereare many other additions you can make to this such as a Modem, a Joystick, and aMouse.The personal computer was developed during the year 1945 by the Americans to helpthem decode enemy secret codes during the Second World War. At this time thecomputers were huge and only used by governments because they were as big as room.This was because the main thing they used were vacuum valves which made thecomputer enormous. They also never had anything to hold any memory so theycouldn't actually be classed as a true computer. The introduction of a way tostore a file was brought...

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