Transition From An Innocent Child In Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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Children have often been viewed as innocent and innocent may be a nicer way to call children naive. Since children’s lives are so worry free they lack the knowledge of how to transition from being a child to becoming an adolescent. Their lack of knowledge may be a large part of their difficulties growing up, which could be a few rough years for many. In books like the boy in the striped pajamas the story is told from the point of view of a little boy, this way we get a full view of how innocent he is. In this book the writer shows the reader first hand how a child viewed the holocaust and how his innocence cost him his life. Then in books like the perks of being a wallflower Charlie is a teen whom is struggling with the transition from being a child to becoming an adolescent. In this book the writer gives a first hand look at how difficult it can be to transition into an adolescent. Charlie has many difficulties in this book; he is in search of his identity and how to fit in.
In the Journal entry titled Innocence and childhood the writer begins by comparing children to lambs. “ The lamb, then, being so generally recognized as the emblem of innocence, while it is also the universally accepted attribute of childhood, it is not at all wondered at the Rubens, in the allegorical picture which we engrave, should have typified the innocence and purity of childhood by a group of children at play to whom the genius of innocence presents the lambs.” (Pg.35, Reade). The article states that the lamb is considered one of the most innocent creates known to man. Back in olden times lambs were often used as a sacrifice because they were considered to be pure and innocent. People used to think that the sacrifice of something pure would lead to the betterment of whatever purpose they were trying to fulfill. Lambs are often compared to children because they are young and naïve.
The book the boy in the striped pajamas is one that displays a grand level of innocence. A boy named Bruno who is the son of a Nazi official at a concentration camp tells the story from his point of view. Bruno is forced to relocate from his hometown Berlin to Auschwitz when his father takes a job as a Nazi official. Bruno is upsets when he hears this news because they will have to leave the home he has been raised in and it also meant leaving his three best friends. As Bruno is at his new house he is extremely disappointed because the house in small and because the house is in the middle of nowhere. Eventually Bruno gets to view the camp from a window that has a view of it, all the prisoners are wearing striped uniforms and he believes that they are all children because they are wearing pajamas; this is a significant part in displaying Bruno’s innocence. Bruno is too innocent to realize that they are all prisoners because he is young and naïve.
A child has little to worry about when growing up. Throughout the book we are shown how innocent he is just alone by the way he...

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