Tuberculosis: A Trip Through The Lungs

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Tuberculosis: A Trip Through the Lungs

Tuberculosis or Tubercle Bacillus, is a disease that primarily attacks the lungs. It can, however, target any other organ found in the body. Discovered by Nobel prize winner Robert Koch on March 24, 1882, in Berlin, Germany, this disease is the second largest in the world with only HIV in its path. Though there was a 45% drop in rates during the 1990’s till 2012, Tuberculosis is still a Killer in most countries.
1.3 million people died with Tuberculosis; Another 8.6 million were infected with the disease in 2012.As an airborne disease Tuberculosis has the ability to spread quickly. Coughing and sneezing with out covering of the mouth and nose allows ...view middle of the document...

A chest X-ray or a physical examination can be done. Also looking into a persons past medical history will suffice.
Treating tuberculosis is a relatively simple process. A series of drugs are taken. The FDA has ten drugs that are certified to treat the disease. Rifampin, Ethambutol, Pyrazinamide are just a few of the ten. For most cases the medication is only needed for 6-9 months. Taking the medication exactly as prescribed is extremely critical. IF not taken correctly the disease might stay active and treatment will have to start again. But a form of drug resistant TB is swirling through the atmosphere.
MDR TB or Multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis, is resistant to the two strongest drugs against TB. It is caused by a bacteria that resists isoniazid and rifampicin. It may also resist other drugs as well as these. Not taking treatment correctly may cause MDR TB, but the most common cause is person to person spread. Treatment of MDR can cause a more severe form of TB to form.
XDR-TB is Extensively drug resistant Tuberculosis. It is resistant to all fluoroquinolones and to second-line injectable drugs. Treatment for this variation of TB is complicated and in cases impossible to accomplish. 70% of all patients who are infected with TB will die within a month. Most places cannot detect or diagnose XDR-TB and 5% or MDR cases may likely be XDR-TB. But help is out there.
Organizations like the TB alliance are out trying to reduce the Rate of TB spread. Right now they are researching TB in babies. Their mission...

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