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Tuck Everlasting- Compare and Contrast Essay
Is living forever the greatest gift of the ultimate curse? This is the question that both the ALA notable book, Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, and the movie based on the book raise. Both explore the exciting possibility of never facing death, the harsh reality of a never ending life and the greed that it can bring. A look at the similarities and differences will reveal that the theme, along with the general story line, was one of the few things that remain the same in the translation from book to movie.
The book and the movie are alike in the portrayal of a young girl, Winnie Foster, on the verge of womanhood, who feels discontent with her sheltered life. She comes upon the Tuck family, Mae, Angus (referred to as Tuck), Miles and Jesse, who share a surprising secret, everlasting life, the source of which is a spring found in the woods belonging to Winnie’s family. Winnie is kidnapped by them until they are sure she will not reveal their story. The Tucks are being searched for by a mysterious man in a yellow suit who suspects their secret. The man in the yellow suit desires to own the woods and exploit its contents for personal gain. He discovers where Winnie is held and offers to tell her family in exchange for ownership of the woods. Winnie’s family agrees and the man in the yellow suit leas the sheriff to the Tuck’s home. Mae, the mother of the Tuck family, hits the man in the yellow suit over the head when she discovers his plan. Mae is then taken to jail and sentenced to hang when it is discovered that the man in the yellow hat died from his injuries. The Tucks are extremely concerned because Mae will not die when she is hung and their secret will be revealed. The Tuck family plans a rescue in which Winnie plays a key role and Mae and her family leave Tree Gap. Jesse encourages Winnie to drink the water from the spring and join them, but the end of the story reveals that she has chosen not to.
One of the biggest differences between the movie and the book was the age of Winnie. In the book she was a young girl of ten and in the movie she was fifteen years old. This most likely was a choice of the movie makers because it decreased the age gap between Winnie and Jesse and allowed for a romantic element, which the movie expanded into a large part of the story. The love scenes did not push the movie into an inappropriate realm, but adults should be cautioned that kissing and cuddling all night are portrayed and possibly should be discussed when viewing with pre-teens. Babbitt describes Winnie as,...

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