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January 8, 2011 was the best day of my life. That was the day I’ve waited for and planned for a very long time. Shooting all those innocent people, especially Gabrielle Giffords, gave me such a rush. I can say that I finally made a name for myself and got the revenge I wanted. Why did I do this? The reason why is because Gabrielle is so stupid. I went to one of her events in 2007, and when I met her, I thought she was just very annoying. She thinks she can change the world, but actually I’m the one who can change the world for the better. I can remember her terrified face when I pointed my gun right on her forehead and pulled the trigger. If the police didn’t show up, I know I could have done more damage. But anyways, I’m proud of what I did. I enjoy putting fear into other people’s eyes.
The Tucson shooting occurred when a 22-year-old college drop out named Jared Loughner decided to go on a killing spree on January 8, 2011. His main goal was to kill a representative named Gabrielle Giffords at her meet and greet event in Tucson, Arizona. Loughner managed to shoot her in the head at a close range, but did not kill her. However, Giffords’ condition was “critical.” Although he did not reach his goal, “Jared injured thirteen people and killed six others which included a Chief Judge and Christina Green, a nine-year old girl”(“Arizona Shooting”). Many wonder why this shooting occurred and how it could have been prevented. Some people argue that Jared’s dangerous behavior was a sign of mental illness that was not attended to. In that case, spotting characteristics like Jared’s can be obvious if early signs of insanity are noticed and correct action is taken.
Jared Loughner’s hostile behavior was evident when he executed this unthinkable event. Months before the Arizona shooting took place, there were early signs showing that there was something wrong with Jared. Even though many people noticed it, they wanted to ignore it. When asked to describe Jared, many of the students and instructors from Pima college thought that he was, “creepy, very hostile, suspicious and someone who had a dark personality” (“Jared Lee Loughner”). He would also post violent videos and talk about how the world should be and how he will fix it. When going through Jared’s “Google” history, “the FBI found that he was looking at Web sites related to lethal injection and Web sites about famous assassins days before the shooting, including the evening and morning hours leading up to the event” (“Arizona Shooting”). In addition, investigators said that Jared “also posted a note on his MySpace page hours before the shooting saying goodbye friends and posed in photographs with a Glock semiautomatic pistol that is believed to be the same one used in the shooting”(Goldstein and Lacey). All of these hints indicated that he was up to no good, but nobody was willing to get him any treatment. Then again, sometimes it may not be as easy as people think.
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I was very excited and...

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