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Tufs Mini Case Discussion Essay

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Starting a new business can be exciting and gratifying. However, it can be a bad if you do not know how to handle it. Discovering issues earlier would help you to minimize common pitfalls such as business budget, money problems and poor marketing. Good CEOs are the one who know how to achieve work correctly by making right strategy and cooperating with their teams. With these things, business would end having incredible results.
My report will discuss and analyze TUFS Mini-Case Discussion. In the first part, I will give a short brief about the company. In the second part, I will discuss Issues and answer the questions given. In the third part, I will analyze each question according to the case study and the last part would be my conclusion and references.

TUFS Mini-Case Discussion

Northern Insurance has invested Technical Underwriting Financial System (TUFS), a company that has the greatest single investment in Information Technology industry. The company project has been ...view middle of the document...

The issue is that technicians were not qualified enough to use the program correctly and their knowledge did not reach the requirements of designing phase of the project. Additionally, they did not get any participation in training from underwriters. Moreover, help disk and training program were not in original plan.

How to solve the problem
Right now TUSF should think serially about implementing right solutions. These solutions include that TUSF should be aware of using the program. Otherwise, the company will not get good results. Also, executives should apply deep training on using the program to their technicians right away, chooses qualified managers and change positions with high level education that will increase employee’s skills and attending workshop would compound knowledge improvement and encourage users to understand the new system step by step. Training program would cost money in the beginning, but the results would affect on the business and scope of work and increase employee’s productivity.
How to Measure the Value
Measuring the value of any company depends on analyzing a company's financial health and estimating the company's value. The real way to measure value at TUFS is to set and talk to the employees and users who are considered bottom line of the company. If we ensure that they can do their work efficiently and effectively, we would end up having incredible results. Also we need to ensure the system is secure by applying CIA triad which includes confidentiality, integrity and availability. Lack in the system would lead the company to heavy losses. CEOs have to review their strategy in developing TUSF in order to keep the business running.

After I disused and analyzed the cause study, I would say that the cases study was interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. A company with good executives and employees can reach the highest level of development. Finally, Training can be a key of success. This case study reflects my point of view in TUFS Mini-Case Discussion and there are many my point of views that need to be mentioned.

This is my first case study and I hope you like it.
Best Regards
Mohammed Almohdar

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