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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation ReportBrenna HeyneXCOM28508/09/2014Allyson WellsThis year has been very profitable for our company and since the company is looking to expand the employee benefits program I would like to suggest tuition reimbursement. As a current employee in the benefits department I feel tuition reimbursement for employees that obtain a bachelor's degree in business and communication would only help our company. There are many professional opportunities for employees within our company that would benefit from obtaining this degree and the earning potential for employees with a bachelor's degree is much higher. This company would also benefit from this with increased retention of current employees.If our company were to put money into the tuition reimbursement program I feel that current employees would take advantage of this program and in return be able to offer a higher level of skills when serving this company. A Bachelor's Degree in Business and Communication can help lay an educational foundation for employees that have an interest in a business career. By earning this degree our employees will be introduced to the principles and skills of business management, business communication, business writing, and the core business subjects.With the option of online classes now, it is easier for full time employees to continue working while pursuing a college degree. Once an employee has obtained their bachelor's degree in business and communication new professional opportunities will open up for them, such as promotions within the company. These potential opportunities give incentives for employees to feel secure and motivated to work hard for this company.With a bachelor's degree in business and communication people would be able to purse jobs as a communication manager, public relations specialist or a technical writer. Our company could benefit from any one of these job positions. As a communications manager a person would use strategies to gain support from stockholders and consumers. These managers use their knowledge of communication to promote a positive view of their company.Public relations specialists would be very valuable to our company. These specialists write press releases that generate knowledge and interest in the company. They also deal with any negative press coverage the company may get and maintains the company's public image through the media. The public relations specialists answer any questions from the public and communicate with media, shareholders and government regulatory bodies on behalf of the company. Each public relations specialist can focus solely on crisis control, government relations or public affairs.Technical writers are taught to understand the technical language of an industry. They translate material from information technology, healthcare, scientific disciplines and engineering so that...

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