Tune Up Or Tune Out Essay

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Tune Out or Tune Up
The average youth listens to one and a half to two and a half hours of music a day. Out of 1,461 adolescents tested with degrading music, 938 were virgins before music exposure over a time span of one to three years. Many people do not realize the effect music has on their behavior and attitude. This causes an issue because if people are un-educated of the effects, then the trend of negative music will continue.
Experts found that enticing, degrading music increases sexual behavior. Sexual themed music can be found in many different genres of music such as rock, rap, country, and electronic music. It is difficult for teenagers as well as adults to disregard music that ...view middle of the document...

This is also a reason why adolescents are easily manipulated to buy products such as CD’s that artists sell.
Teenagers tend to listen to loud, intriguing music for excitement and pleasure. Heavy metal and rap music are thought to have the most impact on behavior due to the aggressive sound and lyrics. A survey was conducted of students who listened to heavy metal and rap compared to other types of music. Researchers indicated that “adolescents who preferred heavy metal and rap had a higher incidence of below-average grades, school behavior problems, sexual activity, drug and alcohol use, and arrests.” (Kevin). In the past years, rock and roll experienced many changes in its lyrics and sound, “becoming more explicit in references to sex, drugs, and violence…heavy metal has extreme rebellion, violence, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, and Satanism.” (Kevin).These genres of music disapprove relations with peers which encourages poor academic achievement. Without relationships with peers, emotional stability and positive feedback on feelings decline which contributes to bad behavior. The bad behavior can increase and inflict severe consequences that can effect a person’s life significantly.
Unfortunately the main problem in society would refer to alcohol use on adolescents which has a connection to music. Teenagers that listen to two in a half hours of popular music each day are “heavily exposed to alcohol brands associated to degrading sex, researchers say.” (Music). Studies showed that “frequent exposure of young people to brand name alcohol in popular music may constitute a form of advertisement and could contribute to the early initiation and maintenance of substance use among adolescents.”(Music). Although the advertisements are not asked for by...

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