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Tunes To Tune Up Your Body To

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Ah, the sound of music, one of the modern marvels that man has created since its beginning. Over time, we have developed new ways to produce it, and now, we can hear what others have produced on our phones, MP3 players, and radios. This is the most awesome thing, because now, we can take music anywhere with us, even when we are out and about working out. In fact, it is scientifically proven to improve your exercising performance if you listen to the right songs. Now, how about we take a look at what tunes will help you tune up your body better.

Aerosmith: “Dream On”
This classic single by Aerosmith may start of slow, but it becomes a motivational song that gets you working harder. Let Steven Tyler’s voice energize you, Joey Kramer’s percussion lead your footsteps, and listen to the wonders of the band’s guitarists. Just listen to the dedication that the band puts into their music. Even though this song may be ...view middle of the document...

The lyrics represent the struggle that Eminem felt and how he pushed on, so you’ll feel the need to push yourself when you exercise. All you need to do is lose yourself to the music.

Kanye West: “Stronger”
This 2007 hit by Kanye West gets you harder, better, faster, and stronger. It is an electro-pop rap song that has faster beats per minute (bpm) than most of the songs on this list. Higher beats per minute means faster running speed if you step in accord to the beat. The song’s chorus along with Kanye’s rapping in the verse will give you a strong boost to your performance. The bass has a great effect on the listening experience. This song will only get you stronger.

30 Seconds to Mars: “Up in the Air”
This single by 30 Seconds to Mars also has an amazing beat. The song does not relent in instrumental greatness until the end of the song. It is perfect for any type workout you want to do: running; lifting weights; core workout; and anything else in mind. “Up in the Air”’s style of electronic rock settles the fact that it can be used in mostly any workout. Just listen to the song and you’ll see why it is a beneficial choice.

Imagine Dragons: “Radioactive”
Yeah, this song may have been overused a little bit in America. Maybe even a lot. But it is for a good reason. “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons is a powerful mood lifter and is quite the powerful song as well. It brings a sense of excitement to those who listen to it, having aspects of many different genres of music, including dubstep and rock.

Matchbox Twenty:
“How Far We’ve Come”
Your workout will come to life with Matchbox Twenty’s “How Far We’ve Come”. The guitar has a heavy impact on how great the song is, along with the vocals from Rob Thomas. It has an amazing rhythm that catches your ear. “How Far We’ve Come” is another awesome alternative rock single that can help you exercise.

These seven songs are an exceptional addition to your workout playlist. From rock to rap to pop, these songs, and many other songs, can help you improve your workout performance for a better you. In the end, it all depends on what you like to listen to when you exercise. What is your workout music playlist?

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