Tungshin Hospital: A Management Consulting Report

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TABLE OF CONTENTExecutive Summary I1.0Introduction11.1Background of Organization11.2 Patient Classification and Relationship with Community21.3 Organization Structure32.0IM System Analysis42.1Vision & Strategy42.2IM support the business vision and strategy62.3TSH Existing IM System and the Problems it Encountered72.4Proposed New IM System122.4.1Ideal Rich Picture122.4.2Discussion of the Ideal Rich Picture of IM system & Recommendation132.5IM System Contingency Plan152.6IM System budget192.7IM System Development Time Frame203.0Recommendations & Conclusions21Reference1. INTRODUCTION1.1Background of OrganizationTung Shin Hospital (TSH) is one of the largest Chinese hospitals in Kuala Lumpur. It was founded in 1881. Previously, it was a very small private hospital that only provides traditional medical care for patients. As the demand of the period, Tung Shin Hospital has undergone several big scale rebuilt.Presently, it already became a general hospital, which owned three major building. The Western Medical Department is the largest one. It was built in 1989 that consist of 10-storey high building which span across 240,000 square feet, with 250 beds capacity and 250 staff.As a general hospital, Tung Shin Hospital is providing both Chinese medical and Western medical services. Its mandate is to serve people living in Kuala Lumpur as well as those nearby. Its services included diagnosis, treatment, consultation and education.Tung Shin Hospital had a computing system. It had a Data General MV 4000 minicomputer with five Megabytes main memory, and a 354 Megabyte disk drive. Installed on the Data General were admission, discharge and transfer information, physician's expert system, inventory control and business application software.Several departments such as the Out-patient, In-patient and, Administration and Billing Departments had also installed PC-based information system. These systems utilized IBM-compatible software. Department heads and Directors used the PC-based information to retrieve the data available from the minicomputer when analyzing departmental efficiency and effectiveness.1.2Patient Classification and Relationship with Communitya) In-Patient: The patients who are very ill are those who are usually admitted intothe hospital. They need the best care and treatment because these patients are usually critically ill due to their unstable conditions. They prefer a pleasant environment during their stay in the hospital and they expect immediate attention when their conditions turn bad.b) Out-Patient: These patients expect (1) to be diagnosed correctly, (2) to be given the right treatment based on the diagnosis, and (3) fast recovery after treatment.c) Disabled Patient: These patients are usually elderly and have difficulty to move around. They may need special care from hospital such as house-visit service or call-in service as they are reluctant to stay in the hospital.Tung Shin Hospital also plays an active role in community...

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